DEATH STRANDING – How to Encounter and Clear out BT’s

A guide on how to encounter and clear out BT’s in DEATH STRANDING.

How to Encounter and Clear out BT’s

  • 1 light rain\snowfall – the only place where you can skip time under timefall shelter
  • 2 black rain\snowfall
  • 3 odradeck slowly pulsate – can walk but slowly (ctrl)
  • 4 odradeck rapidly pulsate – crouch slowly
  • 5 odradeck is orange – hold breath (alt) and move away
  • 6 bt ghost spot you and quickly stepping towards you (throw a grenade or run)
  • (get grenade pouch from Cosplayer and and attack it to your backpack in private room so you can keep grenades without boxes)
  • 7 bt reaches you creating black pond
  • 8a fight off bodies from the tar when they are near you and step towards edge when they are away
  • Once you’re out – urinate on black pond – it will disappear and you will return to step 3-5
  • 8b don’ fight off and let them grab you
  • 9 you get pulled to a specific location and a creature will appear
  • 10a fight off creature (grenades are best) and after that that BT “infestation” will disappear for some time also bunch of crystals from creature corpse
  • 10b run away to the edge of fight area (check the map) – current BT “infestation” might disappear or might not

Warning (SPOILER)!: Until Chapter 5 order 46

After that mission, you can cut BT’s umbilical cord if you are close enough.

On 5 above, when odradeck is orange hold breath (alt) and slowly (ctrl) approach the ghost until button appear.

You can’t cut the Huge ones – gotta use hematic grenades.

Once you cut almost all of them the “infestation” will clear out like after creature kill.

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