Deadside – Useful Tips (Respawn, Trade, Zone)

This is Deadside of Useful tips for trade, safe zones, areas, respawn, etc.

Useful Tips

1. If you want to chat In game default key is F6
2. The safe zones/trade areas work independently from each other.
3. Most clothing can be turned to rags
4. Rags only heal 5hp but take the same amount to use ase sanitized rags with heal a lot more.
5. You can make sanitized rags out of vodka, alcohol or moonshine and rags.
6. Using a walkie talkie will alert you of any Scav/NPCs in the area
7. If you need to stack an item but it won’t let you right click and the click stack all. It not only stacks that item but all items in the inventory.
8. Squad are not persistent. When you disconnect the squad is disbanded.
9. There is not respawn in your base making it essentially useless as of this time.
10. If you have any questions or suggestions reply or DM me. Thanks for reading hope it helps.

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