Deadside – Guide (Looting, Shopping, Maps, Friend, Hunting, Reputation, etc.)

This guide will help you on looting, shopping, maps, making friends, hunting, spawning with reputation in Deadside.

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Guide to Deadside

Getting Started as a POGchamp

You spawn in and it is random at first, We’ll get back to spawning at certain locations.

Loot any and all houses for a gun or two, and exchange your pants for pants that have 4 inventory slots to maximise loot carry. Tear your old one up by Looking at it and pressing G, or use your inventory by right clicking and tearing it up.

These new rags will be a way for you to heal yourself if you should get hurt. You just have to quickslot them! Right-Click and Quickslot that sucker!

Pistols go where your knife slot is, Shotguns/Rifles/Submachine guns and Melee Weapons like the Axe goes into your upper and lower weapon slot, It is indicated by the AK and the Axe symbol.

You cannot wear Armor and a Vest, like a hunters vest. Which is kind of unrealistic seeing as you can access your ammo from anywhere on your body.

The Hit Registration in the game is still wonky at best, So be sure to try and kill a scav as soon as possible as they absolutely destroy you at any range and they are aggressive as Fak.


The Red dots are missions, To complete the mission, you have to kill all the AI Scavs in and near the Location. Then a blue container will highlight and it contains loot ranging from Weapons, Money and Clothing/armor.

The Green circles are Safe zones, They have 2 traders in each Zone and you can access your stash here. Note. Each Zone has it’s own stash.

The Grey dots are points of interest and can sometimes be high loot areas in which you can get Items to build your base, Weaponry, Armour or even some moonshine.

The Black dots with names are towns and they are Spawn points for your Character if you die and want to spawn in with RP (Reputation points).

The Green house is your Land Claim where your base is.

The Green box is your hidden cache that you can stash around the map so that you don’t forget where it is!

You can place Customized markers with Shift+Click to remember a Enemy base or a nice loot location that it not marked (There are caves and Shanty towns!)

You get RP points by killing scav and selling their dog-tags to a trader, The dog-tags are not a definite spawn on a scav.


There is no other means of transportation except running via yer little scabby legs. I personally hope they add something like horses or cars.

Making Friends

Walk up to them and press the use key (Default: F) when you see the prompt to add them to a squad.

They need to Accept it (Default: F5) and then you’ll see their Gamertags above their Player Models.

*Note: You can still friendly fire, This just makes it easier to identify them.

You’ll have to rejoin the squad when you leave and re-join the server. Your Squadmates can also active your base doors when you are actively in a Squad, when you/they leave the squad, you can’t anymore.

To leave a squad, Open your map (Default: M), top right, there is a squad tab and a Leave Squad button.

Enjoy Jamming with your friends!

Looting and Shopping

Deadside loot is pretty straightforward.

An item that you buy for X amount can only be sold for 20% of it’s buy value, some Items can’t be sold like:

  • Certain Jackets and Clothing
  • Ammo that is not stacked by x100
  • Rags and Sterilized rags
  • etc.

Here is Zelerity’s guide to Safe Zone Trader Prices!

*Note some of the stuff that says nothing at sell, It still needs to be updated sometimes, but sometimes an item can’t be sold. All guns in the game can be sold.

I highly suggest running this on a second screen to max Grofit!

PvP Enemies

The enemies that Roam the map are AI’s that are basically ruthless Computer controlled models that have vicious “aimbot” and “ESP”.

They are Deadly accurate and will shoot you with a Double Barrel Shotgun from a huge distance, even though you as a player can’t even comprehend how it is effective.

They usually Patrol the major roads and All Towns and Points of interest.

You can know if they are close by finding a Walkie-Talkie and Equiping it next to your lighter, It will sound static if they are close, if you equip it and there is immediate static, it means there is already close to you!

Scavs respawn every 5-15 minutes In real life ( Tested it myself for farming :P)

They have 4 stages of activeness:

1. Neutral:

They simply guard a perimeter walking a patrol path and minding their own business. Sometimes if you hide behind a bush or crouch walk around them they seem oblivious and aren’t looking your way, then you can easily avoid them and avoid exposure.

2. Searching:

They heard you, or Heard a SINGLE SHOT you pulled off and are passive-aggressively searching for you in the vicinity from where your shot originated. If you want to keep them away from stage 3, DO NOT FIRE AGAIN and CHANGE POSITION!

These guys swarm you pretty quickly, but are still kind of stupid. So a choke point with a Shotgun or AR would be ideal.

3. Hunting

If you’ve ever played Escape From Tarkov, you’d know the feeling you get when a Raider screams “I SEE HIM” or an Aggro Russian phrase before they start getting hurt whispers from their guns towards you.

These AI’s are ruthless, when they acquire your current position they will Flank, Push and even bait their own into killing you, and God Forbid when you get close quarters with 3 rushing you with Shotguns and Scorps.

You Want to avoid this stage as much as possible, they usually go full aggro when you’ve fired a second shot at one of them, or just in general near their AO.

They camouflage pretty quickly with surrounding foliage and they will make your life hell if one of them runs away during a mission, A quick headshot should dispatch them, any Rifle chambered in 7.62x54R will One Shot any Scav and player and a close range shotgun blasts to the face or upper chest.

4. Dead

Nuff said. Good Job! Be careful there’s always one more!


You get 2 different types of Scavs.

Military and Normal Chad Scavs.

Normies usually rock a Pistol, S85 rifle, Shotguns ranging to the M133, or the Scorpion.
The Normies you find at High/EPIC missions will sometimes use a AK-MOD or a AK-SU.

They wear Tracksuits and Hunters clothing, They have ammo on them and sometimes a misc item, like food, Dogtags ( Will explain them soon), Medical supplies, or even some Moonshine or Money.

Military Scavs use AK-MODs, AK-SUs, MS590 shotguns, Beretta M9 and C1911 Pistol and the occasional Mosin/Mosin-K, I’ve never seen one with a R4 rifle, They Wear Gorka outfits, Helmets ranging from tactical to heavy assault helmets, Armor vests like the police vest to the heavy assault armor.

All kinds of Field Vests

  • Usually donning an Assault Backpack or a Typhoon Backpack.
  • Ammo of their carried gun spawns on them.
  • Money also Spawns on them alongside other Misc items like meds and Dogtags and money.

Spawning with Reputation

Remember those Dogtags I talked about up above?

They sell for RP points (15 Points each) , These RP points can be redeemed when you die and want to spawn close to your Dead body for easily re-looting it if you were killed by a Pack of Scavs.

15 RP for spawning in a safezone
10 RP for spawning at a town.

The Devs are yet to implement Spawning at Base option, it is currently unavailable in-game.

By Astros_za

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