Deadside – Cave-Shanty Town and Loot (How to Locate on Map)

This guide on cave town, shanty town and loot shows how to locate on map in Deadside.

Cave-Shanty Town and Loot (How to Locate on Map)

Cave/Shanty Town Location

Map Location

Located in Northeastern part of the map…

Cave Entrance/Exit

Can be entered and exited from the East and West

Shanty Town

On the Eastern side of the cave upon exiting you’ll find a shanty town with decent loot…

By ★ ace ★

Loot Location on Deadside Map

Map and Locations

A short guide for loot and locations on deadside map!

On the map u can see 2 typs of marks. White and green one.

– The white one are for bigger location and it is possible to finde on some of them missions. For example on point 1, 5 and 6.

– The green points are possible AI patrol and location. Sometimes they have good loot and sometimes also bad loot. It is totally random.

But for sure the white marked locations are points of interest. Here you can find better loot then in towns. But keep in mind it is toally random and you have to shoot your way!

What to do after spawn?

While your are on search for a gun have allways a look on clothes and food/drinks, too. Mostly you will finde a scorpion, makarow, hunting rifles and several shotguns. After you found a gun i recommend you to clear the white mark 3 and 4.

We found camouflage clothes, an AKS-74U and a pump action shotgun. With this loot we started to clear level 1 and 2 missions. On mission you have to clear the hole area. After you killed all AIs a massage will appear and you have to look out for a blue lighted chest. In this chest you will find ammo, guns, gear and money. But it depends on the level of the mission and also on radom factor.

By JokerTowelie

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