Dead Cells The Bestiary – Hand Boss Guide (Useful Tips)

This guide shows useful tips for hand boss in Dead Cells The Bestiary.

Hand Boss Guide (Useful Tips)

Hand on 2 BSC was when had to completely change my playstyle around because he would utterly destroy me with a tactics/turrets build (which wrecks every boss but him). The Hand starting out in phase 2 is such a jump in difficutly…

A survival build with Dead Inside is good to practice so you can tank a few hits. Parrying is somewhat difficult (and impossible on some attacks), but a shield can still save your life sometimes.

Heavy Crossbow is the only thing I know to reliably cheese him. The windup of the Heavy Crossbow has this unique vacuum effect, sucking in enemies. For some reason that pauses/delays the Hand’s attacks, allowing you offense with little punishment. The weapon itself is also a perfect boss killer (it shoots 5 arrows at a time, allowing you to bypass the limit of 15% damage to a boss per attack – a few days ago I managed to get a Heavy Crossbow with both +100% on poisoned and +60% on bleeding targets and the Hand on 5 BSC went down in 5 shots, it was pretty insane).

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