Dead by Daylight – How To Be An NEA Main – Guide

Dead by Daylight is a multiplayer (4vs1) horror game where one player takes on the role of the savage Killer, and the other four players play as Survivors, trying to escape the Killer and avoid being caught and killed. How to be an NEA:

To Be A NEA Main?

This is your chance to be that Toxic, Salty, Pro Nea main take a seat and enjoy.


Always use a purple flashlight with a green and a yellow battery but never use it for saves just use it when killer tries to break a pallet


First of all, make sure you have ”Urban Evasion” to crouch all around the map and hide behind the trees and as the second perk use ”Sprint Burst” to run away from the killer like Usain Bolt when he sees you and as the third perk you need to use ”Deliverance” to unhook yourself in front of the killer’s face so he can down you again and as the last perk, you have to use ”Decisive Strike” to miss it after you use deliverance in front of the killer’s face.

And you are ready to get into the game.

Urban Evasion

This perk deserves a whole chapter for itself so; Whenever you hear a heartbeat make sure you leave the gen and slowly go behind the trees even if they chase someone else if you are playing against a billy always hide in corners so if he sees you, you can’t do anything except praying.


If you want to be a toxic Nea always spam a window as soon as you spawn so you can take the killer’s attention and go down after 5 secs he sees you and say I looped him for generations.


Never loop the killer on a pallet just drop them as soon as you reach one don’t even try to stun the killer because you have an annoying flashlight just drop the pallet and make the killer break it as soon as you see him breaking the pallet blind him and do this over and over again and congrats you ♥♥♥♥♥♥ him off.

Escaping The Killer

You need to lose his attention to heal up and ♥♥♥♥ him off again to do this when you are injured and probably you got injured after 2 secs you see the killer take the killer to a gen you’re friends working on and if you didn’t deserve to get a whole game tunnel ticket yet he will focus on them and you will escape, heal up and come back with your sleek flashlight.


Never do Gens because you are a Nea main(enough reason)UnhooksNever go for saves let your friends save them while you are busy with urban evading behind the trees and doing nothing for the team or wasting every pallet you see.

End Game

If you managed to hide behind trees the entire match or blind him and run away 156465th times while you’re mates doing gens and opening the gate you should spam something to let the killer know which door you are at and when he comes you need to go to the edge of the gate and t-bag(not sure how it’s written) or do spins near the edge and never give him extra hit points if you see him getting closer just leave.

Chat (Situational)

4 Man Escape:

Don’t you ever forget to write; ”EASY GAME BABY KİLLER MAYBE NEXT TİME”

Only You Escaped:

Just type; ”EASY GAME BABY KİLLER MAYBE NEXT TİME” and leave the lobby real quick before your teammates swear on you for not doing anything except for urban evading.

Only You Died:

Blame the team first start with ”BOOSTED TEAM” and then blame the killer and say ”NİCE TUNNEL NOOB” and leave the lobby again so you won’t see him saying he didn’t tunnel at all

Everyone Died:

Just swear on everyone by one and comment ”-rep useless survivor” on your teammates profile and comment ”-rep tunneller noob killer” on killer’s profile

Now people will think you are a huge salty person but don’t mind it because you already know you are.

by Dr. Nea

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