DCS: JF-17 – How to Start Up – Launch Guide

jf-17 thunder fighters start up in takeoff guide will help you. let’s get started

How to Start Up?

First of all, you have to follow these step by step for a good start

left console Sarris off

emergency hydraulics off

flood control direct controls off

EFC SS off augmentations on

H lol s plane engine controls are off

air starts off

burners switches on and has searches on

SEC controls off and check the speed brake sare off

Star pumps off

pre-existent on

parking brake on

TF off

let’s turn on the oxygen bottle ground your business off

panic covers off

Messer arms off

landing her handledown a CI you backups off

neutral position the emergency brakes off

Contrast brightest is up sequential is mutual backup reticles off

CP brightest is up

let’s make sure the three MFDs has been turned on

On the right console check pressures a sixteen to nineteen hundred psiDanis switch as needed for electrical panel be aware after a certain amount of time on the DC power system were overheat so it will cycling off the MFD for equipment cooling don’t worry about it now the brightness and hot declutter as needed.

let’s turn on the battery

An AC in the Dc generators turn off

the wall dome for the come one

come to tech Annihilus and the missile warning intercom is off

tennis up goes to normal temperatures

auto emergency landing gears off

copy light as needed.

let’s press the mess warning cancel the alarm

let’s take a look at the AAP panel click combat

So all related assistant can be power up 3 FF d will turn on as well.

the EFS page turn on the star system do not move the aircraft while lining this in I in a system.

let’s press Shift + K putting the coordinates in elevation on a UFC

let’s talk about the data transfer cartridge when you double-click the DTC to put the DTC into the slot then the left

MFD will switch to the DTC page select all and enter the load the DTC info

remember even if you start this mission on the hot aircraft you will need to load the DTC manually all right

let’s switch to nav armed ejection seats pull the safety pin mask on and use the EPI page on an MFT for the engine star we’ll be looking for 70% in two and a five hundred degrees or less on the t4 release the throttle engine control and the star pumps on press and hold for the star bottom for two to three seconds watch and to start a rise

we’ll see our system is over heated so the center MFD has been switched off that’s okay once. We got engine star every thing will be back up and running

Starlet’s close the carpet lock it up if the data page switch to FCS make sure there’s a solid P on the FCS page

Then click here to check the control surface C

Taking Off

Check your SAS look for the warning

Lights looks good turn it back on

And switch to nab master more leased parking brakes gauges no steering in taxi out

No warning lights good to go brakes off

Take off power

Set remember to rotate at 120 knots for 10 degrees pitch attitude and a wait for the lift of fall right

Gear up.

That is all!!!

You Have Cofused-Mind Because of Instructions?

Please follow steps and use these pictures:

Left Side Buttons

Right Side Buttons


Front (Last)

Note: Do not forget, follow buttons styles if launch the plane without problem!!!

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