Days Gone (PC) – How to Locate All Hero’s: 12 Roadblock (on Map)

A guide on how to locate all Hero’s (on map) in Days Gone (PC). Days Gone has 12 roadblocks in Nero. This guide shows all of their locations in the order that you progress through the game. Finding them all will unlock the World’s End trophy and complete the quest line.

How to Locate All Hero’s

Locating and clearing a roadblock turns it into a fast travel point. They contain one Injector, which is used to improve Deacon’s indicators: health, stamina, concentration. In addition, you can find one of the collectibles inside each checkpoint. The concept is always the same: each checkpoint has a generator that needs to be refueled to be activated. There are always 2 fuel cans in the checkpoint area. 

Find one of them and refuel the generator. Then the doors can be opened and go inside. At some checkpoints, you also need to find a fuse, in which case you can simply interact with the fuse box and follow the prompts that will direct you to the target. Sometimes you have to fix the generator, spending a little scrap on it.

Hero checkpoints cannot be missed, you can return to them after completing the story of the game. After completing the story, you will be able to freely move around all regions, complete any side quests and collect collectibles. It is worth noting that there are two time points of no return. One at the end of Lost Lake Region 3 and another at the end of Crater Lake Region 5. This will block some regions for the rest of the story. Then, after completing the story, the entire map will open again.

Location of Nero 1

Region: Cascades The first location is related to the plot. You will travel there during the “Bugged the Hell Out” story mission (one of the first missions). There is a generator next to the building. To turn it on, you must find one of the fuel canisters nearby. She can be found in the back of a repair truck parked at the end of the street. Bring the canister to the generator and press the “circle” to fill the fuel. You can now enter the building. Use the large white box to get the injector.

Days Gone (PC) - How to Locate All Hero’s: 12 Roadblock (on Map)

Location of Nero 2

Region: Cascades There is a car behind the building just above the hill. You can push this car (stand in front of the car and press “square”) to climb the building. There you will find a generator. Fuel can be found behind the fence where the car was located.

Days Gone (PC) - How to Locate All Hero’s: 12 Roadblock (on Map)

Location of Nero 3

Region: Cascades Enter the area and deal with the phreakers. They are guarding the fuel canister. You can then use this canister to refuel the generator, which is next to the fence near Nero’s building.

Location of Nero 4

Region: Belknap the fuel can at this location is in the back of a military truck near the tunnel. Then you must find the fuse. Go to the blue search area marked on the minimap that leads to the broken door panel. You can follow the footprints on the floor and find a fuse in a white container near the tunnel entrance.

Days Gone (PC) - How to Locate All Hero’s: 12 Roadblock (on Map)

Location of Nero 5

Region: Belknap While heading towards the entrance to this Location of, you can find a fuel canister in the far-left corner in a pile of rubbish. But the generator will have to be repaired first.

Days Gone (PC) - How to Locate All Hero’s: 12 Roadblock (on Map)

Location of Nero 6

Region: Lost Lake Fuel for this location can be found in one of the tents on the right side. The generator is in the middle of the area by a large rock.

Location of Nero 7

Region: Lost Lake First you have to burn down the phreaker’s nest near the tunnel. You will find a fuse inside the socket. Use this fuse on the building’s fuse box. Then you must take the fuel (found in the tent) and take it to the generator. He is at the top.

Days Gone (PC) - How to Locate All Hero’s: 12 Roadblock (on Map)

Location of Nero 8

Region: Lost Lake Fuel can be found in the back of an SUV next to the building. The generator is at the opposite end of the building.

Location of Nero 9

Region: Crater Lake The first canister is located on the right side near the entrance to the camp, and the second is in the tent on the left side. You must also find a fuse. Follow the prompts after inspecting the fuse box. The fuse is in a box on the mountain.

Location of Nero 10

Region: Crater Lake Fuel is located behind the yellow school bus. The generator is located in a fenced area near the building.

Days Gone (PC) - How to Locate All Hero’s: 12 Roadblock (on Map)

Location of Nero 11

Region: Highway 97 This area is blocked; it will be possible to get here through the story. You need to go through the story to the College area (complete more missions in the Crater Lake area). After you visit there for the first time, you can return. You must find the fuel and the fuse. The fuse is in one of the tents, just follow the prompts from the fuse box. Fuel can be found under a wooden roof right in front of the building.

Location of Nero 12

Region: Highway 97 Fuel is located behind a small building at the entrance to the area. The generator is located behind Nero’s building in a fenced-in area, you will have to go around the fence to get to it. That’s all for Hero’s locations! Finding them completes the World’s End storyline and unlocks the corresponding trophy.

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