Darksiders Genesis – Moloch Boss – How to Defeat – Guide

This guide will help on “Darksiders Genesis: Moloch Boss” and how to defeat it. Moloch is a powerful enemy with abilities. You have to be patient.

Darksiders Genesis Moloch Boss

As the boss fight starts, you have to make sure that you always maintain a favorable amount of distance from Moloch and try not to get cornered into a wall.

If you find yourself racked up against the wall, there is a good chance you probably will not live to tell the tale.

It is recommended that you always kite him in the middle of the arena, dodge his attacks and avoid getting cornered by Moloch.

Be patient with Moloch, as soon as you get an opening to engage him, do it. Attack whenever you can so you can deal as much damage as you can.

Repeat the process while avoiding Moloch’s attacks as much as possible.

Once you bring Moloch’s health down a notch, the boss will enter its second phase and Moloch will start using AoE attacks with spikes popping through the grounds.

You can dodge these by simply jumping over them. Watch out for the explosive rocks, they will deal a great deal of damage. In conclusion, avoid anything that glows.

Avoid hitting any rocks because that will make you an easy standing target for Moloch, and you do not want that because this mistake is going to cost you your entire progress.

Throughout the fight, make sure to always recover your health whenever you get the chance; even the tiniest bar of health can make a difference in the long-term.

Following all these steps, you will be able to defeat Moloch and you will be returned to the Void where you can watch the final cutscene unfold.

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