Darksiders Genesis – How to Fix Game Crash on PC- Guide

Darksiders Genesis can give error. This guide will help you how to fix possible problems on the game. Please follow these steps:

1- Set GameUserSettings.ini

  • Navigate to “%localappdata%\THQ Nordic\Darksiders Genesis\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor”
  • Open the file “GameUserSettings.ini”
  • Set “FullscreenMode=0” to “FullscreenMode=1”
  • Set “PreferredFullscreenMode=0” to “PreferredFullscreenMode=1”

2- If Doesn’t Work,

Try to set “FullscreenMode=2” instead.

3- Still…?

Try deleting your GameUserSettings.ini file in that folder and rerunning the game You’ll need to set the settings again, but if that’s the reason you’re crashing, it should fix it.

4- Last Solution!

delete the folder: \AppData\Local\THQ Nordic\Darksiders Genesis\

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