Darkest Dungeon: Ancestral Edition – How to Prevent Kleptomaniac

This is a guide to how to prevent Kleptomaniac in Darkest Dungeon Ancestral Edition.

How to Prevent Kleptomaniac?

Your characters always have a chance of positive and negative quirks via victory/defeat, hamlet activities, or curios, but once 5 are locked in, it’s very difficult to get others unless you make space by wiping them (Sanitarium / Curios).

You can wait for negatives to get locked in (or reinforce some with curios). By doing this with Hamlet Quirks (which are far less detrimental than combat quirks), you can essentially lock out most of the bad junk.

Aside from that, no, you just have to ride the wave, but do keep in mind that wiping a quirk you just received is far, far cheaper than doing so when locked in. Kleptomania is only one of very few quirks I make a conscious effort to remove. For everything else, I’ll just head to the Cove with some Medicinal Herbs and pray for Coral.

by RopeDrink

What Do You Recommend?

Reynauld will always start with Warrior of Light and Kleptomaniac/God Fearing.

Dismas will always start with Hard Noggin/Quick Reflexes and Known Cheat.

If you want to remove Kleptomaniac, you’ll have yourself a +10% Damage crusader which is nice.

Edit: I recommend doing:

  • Cove: Eerie Coral + Medicinal Herb = 100% chance to remove a random Negative Quirk
  • Warrens: Pile of Scrolls + Torch = 100% chance to remove a random Negative Quirk
  • All dungeons: Eldritch Altar + Holy Water = 100% chance to remove a random Negative Quirk

by gonzo

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