Darkest Dungeon 2 – Ultimate Stagecoach Equipment Guide Boost Your Success!

Discover the secrets of maximizing success in Darkest Dungeon 2 with our comprehensive Stagecoach Equipment Guide. Unleash the power of strategic gear choices to overcome the darkest challenges and emerge victorious. Level up your gameplay and conquer the treacherous depths with our expert insights and tips.

Ultimate Stagecoach Equipment Guide

This guide, whispered to us by the very shadows that writhe in the game’s unfathomable depths, reveals secrets that twist the fabric of your understanding, equipping you with the arcane knowledge to harness hidden power.

Every artifact, every creature, is meticulously scrutinized, their esoteric attributes unveiled for the erudite adventurer. From the prosaic to the profound, each item is dissected and categorized within an inscrutable hierarchy, illuminated by our ephemeral lantern of wisdom. Navigate this tumultuous tempest of cosmic horror with newfound clarity, embracing the cryptic chaos as a familiar friend.

S Tier

  • Collector’s Chandelier (Luxury Gear): Reduces stress damage taken by the party.
    The Collector’s Chandelier is a remarkable piece of luxury gear that provides a significant advantage by reducing stress damage inflicted on your entire party. By creating a more serene atmosphere and instilling a sense of tranquility, this chandelier enables your heroes to withstand the horrors they encounter with greater resilience, maintaining their composure and effectiveness in the face of adversity.
  • Shrine Map (Scouting Gear): +100% hero shrines location scouting.
    The Shrine Map is an invaluable tool for scouting hero shrines. With its remarkable accuracy, it greatly enhances your ability to locate and uncover these sacred sites. By revealing the hidden paths to these shrines, you can embark on quests to gain powerful blessings and bolster your heroes’ abilities, making the Shrine Map a key asset in your journey.
  • Tracker’s Map (Scouting Gear): +100% creature den and oasis location scouting.
    The Tracker’s Map is an essential scouting gear that excels in locating creature dens and oases. With its detailed markings and guidance, it significantly boosts your chances of discovering these hidden and valuable locations. By uncovering creature dens, you can engage in challenging battles to gain rare resources, while oases provide much-needed item that restores stress and hp. The Tracker’s Map is a must-have for any adventurer seeking to maximize their ability to survive in the wilderness.

A Tier

  • Hoarder Signal Decoder (Scouting Gear): +100% hoarder location scouting.
    The Hoarder Signal Decoder is a highly sought-after scouting gear that greatly enhances your ability to locate hoarders. By decoding their elusive signals, this gear allows you to track down these enigmatic figures and access their valuable inventory. The Hoarder Signal Decoder opens up opportunities to acquire rare and powerful items, making it an invaluable asset for resourceful adventurers.
  • Telescope: +20% location scouting.
    The Telescope is a versatile tool that provides a 20% bonus to location scouting. By expanding your vision and honing your observation skills, it allows you to spot hidden treasures, potential threats, and advantageous paths during your explorations. With the Telescope in your possession, you can navigate the treacherous landscapes with greater confidence and make informed decisions about your next moves.
  • Crow’s Nest (Scouting Gear): +15% location scouting.
    The Crow’s Nest is a valuable scouting gear that enhances your location scouting capabilities by 15%. By providing an elevated vantage point and a keen eye for details, it helps you uncover hidden secrets and potential rewards in your surroundings. With the Crow’s Nest, you can gain an edge in your explorations and seize opportunities that might have otherwise gone unnoticed.
  • Academic’s Map (Scouting Gear): +100% academic’s caches location scouting.
    The Academic’s Map is a valuable asset for scouting academic’s caches. By uncovering hidden caches and secret knowledge, the Academic’s Map greatly enhances your ability to locate and access these valuable resources. With its detailed cartography and precise markings, it provides a 100% increase in scouting for academic’s caches. By finding and unlocking these caches, you can gain valuable rewards. The Academic’s Map is a must-have for knowledge-hungry adventurers seeking to expand their understanding of the world and gain a competitive edge.
  • Chirurgeon’s Mixing Kit (Medical Gear): Chance to produce restorative items before each location.
    The Chirurgeon’s Mixing Kit is a specialized medical gear that grants your party the chance to produce restorative items before embarking on each location. With its collection of herbs, salves, and remedies, the kit allows your heroes to prepare and stock up on healing supplies, increasing their chances of success during expeditions. By being equipped with the Chirurgeon’s Mixing Kit, you ensure that your party is well-prepared to face the challenges ahead and maintain their health and vitality.
  • Tinker’s Bench (Tinker’s Gear): Chance to produce contraption items before each location.
    The Tinker’s Bench is a versatile tool that provides your heroes with the chance to create contraption items before setting off on each location. With its assortment of gears, gadgets, and ingenuity, the bench allows your heroes to craft innovative and useful contraptions that can provide unique advantages in combat and exploration. By harnessing the power of invention and tinkering, the Tinker’s Bench adds a layer of adaptability and strategic planning to your party’s arsenal.
  • Pot and Still (Food Gear): Chance to produce whiskey items before each location.
    The Pot and Still is a unique food gear that offers your party the chance to produce whiskey items prior to venturing into each location. With its distilling apparatus and expertise in spirits, it provides a source of stress relief and boosts morale for your heroes. By indulging in a sip of whiskey, your heroes can find solace in the face of adversity, fortify their resolve, and enhance their performance during encounters. The Pot and Still adds a touch of comfort and camaraderie to your expeditions, making it a valuable asset for adventurous spirits.

B Tier

  • Food Barrels (Food Gear): Increases stacking for food items, provides more sustenance during expeditions.
    The Food Barrels are essential gear for any expedition, as they increase the stacking capacity of food items and provide more sustenance for your party. By optimizing food storage and preservation, these barrels allow you to carry a greater supply of nourishment, ensuring that your heroes remain well-fed and energized throughout their journeys. With the Food Barrels, you can mitigate the risk of starvation and maintain your party’s stamina and resilience.
  • Medicine Chest (Medical Gear): Increases stacking for bandages, antivenom, and burn salve items.
    The Medicine Chest is a vital medical gear that enhances your ability to stock up on essential healing supplies. By increasing the stacking capacity for bandages, antivenom, and burn salve items, it ensures that your party is well-prepared to treat wounds, counteract poisons, and soothe burns encountered during expeditions. The Medicine Chest enables efficient resource management and reinforces your party’s resilience in the face of injuries and ailments.
  • Explosives Magazine (Tinker’s Gear): Increases stacking for incendiary cocktail, smoke bomb, and ichor bomb items.
    The Explosives Magazine is a specialized Tinker’s Gear that enhances your party’s arsenal of explosive devices. By increasing the stacking capacity for incendiary cocktails, smoke bombs, and ichor bombs, it ensures that you have an ample supply of these powerful tools at your disposal. These explosive items offer versatile tactical options, ranging from dealing damage to enemies, obscuring vision, and inflicting debilitating effects. With the Explosives Magazine, you can unleash controlled chaos and turn the tide of battle in your favor.
  • Medical Equipment (Medical Gear): Provides
  • Medical Equipment (Medical Gear): Provides a 20% boost to traveling healing.
    Medical Equipment is a crucial addition to your party’s medical gear, providing a significant 20% boost to traveling healing. This specialized equipment includes advanced medical instruments, enhanced techniques, and improved knowledge of healing practices. With this equipment in your possession, your heroes can provide more effective and efficient healing during their expeditions, allowing them to recover from injuries and ailments more rapidly. The Medical Equipment enhances your party’s survival capabilities and ensures that they can endure the rigors of their adventures with greater resilience.
  • Tea Service (Luxury Gear): +6% positive relationship chance.
    The Tea Service is a luxurious gear that elevates your party’s social interactions and fosters positive relationships. By offering a fine selection of teas and a serene atmosphere for tea ceremonies, it enhances your heroes’ chances of establishing and maintaining positive connections with their fellow adventurers. This boost in positive relationship chances strengthens camaraderie, cooperation, and team dynamics, leading to improved morale and increased effectiveness in combat and exploration.
  • Leaf Suspension (Road Gear): Reduces the chance of Negative Banter.
    The Leaf Suspension is a road gear that helps maintain a more harmonious and focused atmosphere during your travels. By suspending leaves and branches in a way that disrupts negative energies and influences, it reduces the likelihood of Negative Banter occurring among your heroes. Negative Banter can sow discord, decrease morale, and impair teamwork, so the Leaf Suspension contributes to a smoother journey by promoting positivity and unity.
  • Iron Brazier (Road Gear): -33% traveling flame drain.
    The Iron Brazier is a practical road gear that significantly reduces the drain on your traveling flame. By optimizing the fuel consumption and increasing the efficiency of your light sources, it extends the duration of your torches and reduces the frequency of replacements. This ensures that you can explore for longer periods without the encumbrance of constantly replenishing your light sources. The Iron Brazier saves resources, improves visibility, and allows for more efficient progress on your expeditions.
  • Windchime (Luxury Gear): -1 stress for a random hero after each location.
    The Windchime is a soothing luxury gear that provides a calming effect on your heroes’ minds and spirits. By producing gentle melodies and harmonious sounds, it alleviates stress for a random hero after each location. This stress relief helps maintain the mental well-being of your party, allowing them to recover and recuperate from the challenges they face. The Windchime adds a touch of tranquility to your adventures and aids in sustaining your heroes’ psychological resilience.

C Tier

  • Worktable Loom (Luxury Gear): Chance to create bandages and nets.
    The Worktable Loom is a versatile luxury gear that offers a chance to create bandages and nets before each location. With its crafting capabilities and specialized loom, it allows your party to produce essential bandages for healing wounds and nets for trapping and capturing creatures. While not as impactful as other gear in higher tiers, the Worktable Loom provides a practical advantage by enabling on-the-go crafting of vital supplies. The chance to create bandages ensures that your party can tend to injuries and maintain their health during expeditions, reducing the reliance on external sources of healing. Similarly, the ability to craft nets enhances your trapping abilities, allowing you to capture elusive creatures or secure valuable resources. The Worktable Loom adds a level of self-sufficiency to your party’s preparations, ensuring they are equipped with necessary tools for survival and resource acquisition.
  • Trinket Organizer (Luxury Gear): Increases trinket stacking capacity and organization, ensuring easy access to the right trinkets.
    The Trinket Organizer is a practical luxury gear that enhances your party’s trinket management and organization. By increasing the stacking capacity and providing efficient storage for trinkets, it ensures that your heroes can carry a greater variety of these valuable items. With easy access to the right trinkets, your party can adapt to different challenges and exploit strategic advantages in combat. The Trinket Organizer streamlines your trinket selection process, saving time and allowing for more flexible loadout options.
  • Merchants Guild Seal (Luxury Gear): Grants a discount on goods and services from merchants, saving resources.
    The Merchants Guild Seal is a valuable luxury gear that bestows your party with the benefit of discounts on goods and services provided by merchants. By presenting the seal, you can negotiate better deals and secure cost savings on essential supplies, equipment, and services. This allows you to stretch your resources further, effectively managing your wealth and investments. The Merchants Guild Seal enhances your financial prowess and empowers you to make wiser purchasing decisions in your journey.
  • Strongbox (Luxury Gear): Increases stacking for relics.
    The Strongbox is a highly practical luxury gear that allows you to accumulate more wealth during your expeditions. This expands your financial resources and provides greater flexibility in upgrading equipment.
  • Ice Box (Food Gear): Increases quantity of looted food.
    The Ice Box is a practical food gear that enhances the amount of food you will find during expeditions. By providing improved storage and preservation capabilities, it allows you to carry a discover a greater quantity of food, ensuring that your party remains nourished and energized throughout their journeys.
  • Pot and Still (Food Gear): Chance to produce whiskey items before each location provides stress relief and boosts hero morale.
    The Pot and Still is a unique food gear that offers your party a chance to produce whiskey items before embarking on each location. This alcoholic beverage not only provides a source of enjoyment but also offers stress relief and boosts hero morale. By indulging in a sip of whiskey, your heroes can find solace in the face of adversity, fortify their resolve, and enhance their performance during encounters. The Pot and Still adds a touch of comfort and camaraderie to your expeditions, making it a valuable asset for adventurous spirits.
  • Griddle (Food Gear): Chance to produce flapjacks before each location provides substantial healing and replenishment.
    The Griddle is a food gear that grants your party a chance to produce flapjacks before setting off on each location. These hearty and nourishing pancakes provide substantial healing and replenishment. With their combination of carbohydrates and nutrients, flapjacks offer a satisfying meal that can boost energy levels and restore health. The Griddle ensures that your heroes have access to a hearty breakfast that prepares them for the challenges that lie ahead.

D Tier

  • Stew Pot (Food Gear): The Stew Pot offers a chance to produce invigorating stew before each location. This nourishing meal provides health restoration to your party, offering a valuable source of sustenance and healing. While not as versatile as other food gear options, the Stew Pot ensures that your heroes have access to a warm and hearty meal that can revitalize their bodies and prepare them for the challenges ahead.
  • Blueprint Tubes (Tinker’s Gear): TBD.
  • Assay Gear (Tinker’s Gear): The Assay Gear increases the stacking capacity for rare gems and valuables. These items hold significant trading and reward value, allowing you to obtain valuable resources, equipment, or information through exchanges with merchants and other individuals. By carrying more rare gems and valuables, the Assay Gear facilitates your ability to engage in beneficial trades and secure desirable rewards during your journey.
  • Tinker’s Bench (Tinker’s Gear): The Tinker’s Bench offers a chance to produce contraption items before each location. These contraptions provide unique advantages in combat and exploration, ranging from offensive capabilities to utility functions. By harnessing your party’s tinkering skills, the Tinker’s Bench enables the creation of specialized tools that can help overcome challenges and exploit strategic opportunities.
  • Trapmaker’s Kit (Tinker’s Gear): The Trapmaker’s Kit grants your party a chance to produce trap items before each location. These traps provide defensive capabilities, allowing you to set up strategic ambushes or fortify your position against enemies. By utilizing the Trapmaker’s Kit, you can increase your party’s tactical options and create advantageous situations during encounters.
  • Medicine Chest (Medical Gear): The Medicine Chest increases the stacking capacity for bandages, antivenom, and burn salve items. These medical supplies are essential for treating injuries, countering venomous effects, and soothing burns. With the expanded capacity provided by the Medicine Chest, your party can carry more of these vital items, ensuring that they are well-equipped to address various health-related challenges encountered during expeditions.
  • Bottle Case (Medical Gear): The Bottle Case increases the stacking capacity for ablative powders, clotting powders, neutralizing powders, shimmering powder, and laudanum items. These specialized substances offer unique effects, ranging from enhancing protection against certain damage types to mitigating negative conditions. With the increased stacking capacity provided by the Bottle Case, your party can carry a wider range of these useful items, enabling them to adapt to different situations and overcome various obstacles.
  • Compress Kit (Medical Gear): The Compress Kit increases the stacking capacity for clotting poultice, impermeable poultice, soothing poultice, clarifying poultice, and stimulating poultice items. These poultices provide healing, protective, and cleansing properties, aiding in the recovery and well-being of your party. With the expanded capacity offered by the Compress Kit, you can carry an increased supply of these versatile poultices, ensuring that your party has access to effective remedies for a range of conditions and ailments.
  • Mortar and Pestle (Medical Gear): The Mortar and Pestle increases the stacking capacity for medical herbs, antidote herbs, and disease charms. These natural ingredients and charms possess healing properties and offer protection against diseases and ailments. By carrying a greater quantity of these items with the help of the Mortar and Pestle, your party can address a wider range of health concerns and bolster their defenses against potential hazards. This medical gear ensures that you have a reliable supply of herbal remedies and charms to support your party’s well-being during their expeditions.

Utility & Exploration Tier List


These items are considered the best due to their potential to significantly improve your overall efficiency and strategic advantages.

Telescope: +20% Location Scouting
The Telescope provides a substantial increase in scouting, making it easier to plan your route and avoid unwanted encounters.

Crow’s Nest: +15% Location Scouting
Not quite as effective as the Telescope, but the Crow’s Nest is still a valuable tool for revealing more of the map and making more informed decisions.


These items significantly improve team cohesion, thereby enhancing your heroes’ combat effectiveness through positive interactions.

Tea Service: +6% Positive Relationship Chance
The Tea Service promotes positive interactions among your heroes, which can result in powerful combat bonuses.

Leaf Suspension: +4% Positive Relationship Chance
Like the Tea Service, the Leaf Suspension fosters more positive relationships. Its effect isn’t as strong, but it’s still beneficial.


These items have more specialized uses. They’re not as broadly beneficial as the S and A tier items, but they can still be quite useful in specific situations.

Iron Brazier: -33% Traveling Flame Drain
The Iron Brazier is excellent for conserving your flame, which can be crucial in certain situations.

Windchime: -1 Stress for Random Hero After Each Location
While not as universally applicable, the Windchime can be helpful for stress management, especially over longer journeys.

Item Generation Tier List


This top-tier item has the potential to provide a significant advantage due to the variety of beneficial items it can produce.

Alembic and Retort: Chance to Produce Concoctions and Powders Items Before Each Location
This upgrade can create a variety of Concoctions and Powders that offer healing, stress relief, and combat enhancements.


Items in this tier generate resources primarily aimed at healing and stress relief, which can greatly improve your heroes’ condition.

Mortar And Pestle: Chance to Produce Poultices Items Before Each Location
Poultices can be critical for recovering health, making this a valuable addition.

Chirurgeon’s Mixing Kit: Chance to Produce Restorative Items Before Each Location
Restorative items can mitigate a lot of potential damage, making this an excellent choice.


These items offer varied utility, providing both combat and survival benefits.

Tinker’s Bench: Chance to Produce Contraptions Items Before Each Location
Contraptions can offer unique advantages in different situations.

Stew Pot: Chance to Produce Invigorating Stew Items Before Each Location
The Stew Pot can provide invigorating meals that boost health and morale.

Trapmaker’s Kit: Chance to Produce Traps Items Before Each Location
The ability to create traps can be beneficial, especially in more challenging encounters.


These items offer more specialized benefits and are less universally useful.

Pot and Still: Chance to Produce Whiskey Items Before Each Location
The Whiskey items can provide stress relief, though they can also lead to negative effects.

Griddle: Chance to Produce Flapjacks Before Each Location
Flapjacks offer a modest boost to health and morale.

Worktable Loom: Chance to Produce Woven Items Before Each Location
Woven items can provide a variety of benefits, but they’re generally less impactful than the items produced by higher-tier upgrades.

Stacking Increase Tier List


The item in this tier affects a variety of crucial combat items, potentially making a significant impact on your overall performance.

Bottle Case: Increases Stacking for Ablative Powders, Clotting Powders, Neutralizing Powders, Shimmering Powder, and Laudanum by 6 per stack
The Bottle Case allows for increased carrying capacity for several different types of Powders, all of which can provide crucial advantages in combat.


These items impact important healing and defense mechanisms, contributing significantly to survival.

Compress Kit: Increases Stacking for Clotting Poultice, Impermeable Poultice, Soothing Poultice, Clarifying Poultice, and Stimulating Poultice by 4 per stack
The Compress Kit increases the stack limit for a variety of Poultices, providing extended healing and restorative capabilities.

Explosives Magazine: Increases Stacking for Incendiary Cocktail, Smoke Bomb, and Ichor Bomb by 4 per stack
The Explosives Magazine allows you to carry more incendiary and disorienting items, adding to your offensive arsenal.


The item in this tier influences food items, which are important for maintaining health and morale but are typically less impactful in combat situations.

Food Barrels: Increases Stacking for Slime Mold, Stale Bread, Apples & Cheese, Steak & Spuds, and Flapjacks by 4 per stack
The Food Barrels upgrade allows for more efficient food storage, which is crucial for maintaining health and reducing stress over time.


The item in this tier is still beneficial, but it affects items that may be less frequently used depending on your playstyle and circumstances.

Medicine Chest: Increases Stacking for Bandages, Antivenom, and Burn Salve by 6 per stack
The Medicine Chest increases the stacking limit for Bandages, Antivenom, and Burn Salve. While these items can be life-saving in specific circumstances, they may be less frequently used than the items affected by other upgrades.

Location Scouting Tier List


The item in this tier can reveal highly valuable caches, potentially giving you access to crucial trinkets and relics.

Academic’s Map: +100% Academic’s Caches Location Scouting
The Academic’s Map significantly increases your ability to locate Academic’s Caches, which can contain very valuable trinkets and relics.


This tier includes an item that reveals locations where you can find the Hoarder, a valuable source of important items.

Hoarder Signal Decoder: +100% Hoarder Location Scouting
The Hoarder Signal Decoder is particularly useful as it allows you to find the Hoarder’s location, where you can purchase important items for your journey.


The item in this tier can reveal Field Hospital locations, which are helpful for healing and recovery.

Chirurgeon’s Directory: +100% Field Hospital Location Scouting
This directory is quite beneficial if your team is in need of a healing location.


The item in this tier is very important for early-game progression but becomes less valuable over time.

Shrine Map: +100% Hero Shrines Location Scouting
The Shrine Map is particularly important early on, when your heroes are lower leveled and can benefit more from Hero Shrines.


The item in this tier helps you find Creature Den and Oasis locations, which can be useful but are often not as high a priority as the others.

Tracker’s Map: +100% Creature Den Location Scouting +100% Oasis Location Scouting
The Tracker’s Map can help you find Creature Dens and Oases, which may be beneficial depending on your current needs and strategy.

Pet Tier List


  • Pygmy Pliskin – The ability to enhance healing can significantly increase party durability and survival rate.
  • Orphan Wolf Cub – The added stress resistance and increased positive relationship chance can greatly impact party cohesion and stress management.


  • Shrieker Chick – The critical hit chance increase and extra baubles can provide a significant advantage in combat and resource collection.
  • Hatchling Crocodilian – The damage boost and potential speed decrease make this pet a high risk, high reward choice.


  • Unnatural Owlet – Debuff resistance and an increased chance of item generation make this pet useful for certain strategies.
  • Mucilaginous Slime – Increased debuff resistance and looting chances can be beneficial in the right circumstances.
  • Reanimated Rabbit – Speed is a valuable attribute and the additional health per food in inventory can help maintain the party’s health.


  • Larval Carrion Eater – Gaining healing and block on killing blow can be great, but it’s conditional upon landing the killing blow.
  • Crimson Tick – The chance to produce The Blood can be beneficial, but the chance is quite low and it’s also conditional upon landing the killing blow.


  • Shambler’s Spawn Stained – This pet has significant downsides, like reducing location & route scouting, but its ability to boost Cultist Trinkets could be strategically used in specific circumstances.

Boss Lair Trophies Tier List


  • The General’s Dream
  • Corpse: +200% DMG
  • Combat Start: Token immoblize permanent (permanent)
    The permanent immobilization token prevents heroes from moving or being moved from their starting position for the entire battle, granting a significant damage boost. This is an extremely powerful and versatile trophy.
  • The Bumper Crop
    +50% Max Icon HP
    -50% Deathsdoor RES
    The increased max HP and reduced deathsdoor resistance greatly enhance heroes’ survivability. This trophy is essential for durable and resilient teams.


  • The Beck and Call
  • +100% Bleed
  • +100% Bleed Bleed Received
    This trophy amplifies both the damage dealt and received from Bleed effects, making it valuable for Bleed-focused strategies. It synergizes well with heroes capable of inflicting Bleed.
  • The Complete Catalogue
    Apply on CRIT: 3 Burn
    Combat Start: 3 Burn (25%)
    With a chance to apply Burn on critical hits and a Burn effect at the start of combat, this trophy excels in dealing damage over time. It is particularly useful for teams built around inflicting Burn.


  • The Nightmare’s End
  • -75% Trinket Prices
    This effect reduces the cost of trinkets, allowing for more affordable and flexible trinket choices. While not directly impacting combat, it offers economic advantages in preparing your heroes.
  • +25 Inventory slots
    Explanation: This trophy expands inventory space, providing more room to carry essential supplies and loot. It is a convenient choice for adventurers who frequently gather resources and treasures.


  • The Lashing Tides
  • ncreases Stacking for Combat Items by 2 per stack
    While increasing the stacking for combat items is useful, the impact is not as significant compared to other trophies. It can still be handy for optimizing item management and strategic item usage.


  • The Unabridged Edition
  • 100% Location Scouting
    This trophy provides a bonus to location scouting, which can be helpful for discovering valuable points of interest and planning your expeditions. While not as impactful in combat, it aids in exploration and resource gathering.


In the stygian recesses of the Darkest Dungeon, the enigma of survival weaves a tumultuous web. Yet, as we traverse through this twilight abyss, wielding the insight from this guide like an occultist’s talisman, may we find solace in our preparedness.

Remember, dear traveler, knowledge is the greatest weapon against the creeping shadows, the ghastly beasts, and the insidious madness that lurks in the heart of the Dungeon. In the face of oblivion, we wield our resolve and these humble tools to shine a lantern in the stygian gloom.

Yet, beware! For the true essence of the Darkest Dungeon does not lie in the practicalities of this mortal coil, but in the nebulous realms of the mind. Strategies and tactics, those rational methods of combat, can only take you so far. In the end, it is your will, your fortitude against the maddening whispers in the dark, that will truly define your journey.

To comprehend the indescribable and face the unfathomable, these are our lot. Yet armed with wisdom and courage, we may yet prevail against the encroaching darkness. To those who dare to plumb the depths of the Darkest Dungeon, I wish you good fortune. May the light guide you on your perilous journey.

In the face of madness, we stand resolute. For we are the flame.

Written by James Jedi

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