Darkest Dungeon 2 – A Guide to Trinkets and their Arcane Powers

Unlock the mystical world of trinkets and their mysterious powers with this comprehensive guide. Delve into the depths of an enigmatic realm where reality bends, and choices hold the key to destiny. Embrace the unknown, navigate arcane mysteries, and witness the profound impact of each trinkets as you unravel the very fabric of existence. Prepare to explore Darkest Dungeon 2 and discover the dormant secrets that await within this haunting and captivating spectral realm.

Darkest Dungeon 2: Unleashing the Power of Trinkets in the Shadowed Depths

S Tier: Game-Changing Trinkets

Clarifying Carcanet


  • Gain a 20% increase in MAX HP if you have more than 100 relics.
  • Gain a 20% increase in DMG if you have more than 100 baubles.
    This versatile trinket boosts both survival and offensive capabilities.

Shimmering Crown


  • Heal to full health at the start of combat if you have more than 100 relics.
  • Heal for 10 stress at the start of combat if you have more than 100 baubles.
    This healing effect ensures a strong start in every battle.

Celebrated Chalice


  • Gain a +4 SPD (Speed) boost if you have more than 50 relics.
  • Have a 10% increased chance to land a critical hit if you have more than 50 baubles.
    Enhance both offense and defense with improved speed and critical hit capabilities.

Oversprung Pocketwatch


  • 60% chance to gain an extra action at the start of your turn.
  • 40% chance to be stunned at the start of your turn.
    This high-risk, high-reward trinket allows for potential strategic advantages.

Dark Impulse Trinkets: Unlocking Cultist Power

These trinkets unlock the potential of Cultist Trinkets and offer various impactful effects:

Cruel Intent

  • Enemies with the Blinded status have an increased critical hit chance if you have Dark Impulse equipped.

Silent Treatment

  • At the start of combat, you have a chance to be stealthed, granting increased critical hit chance. If not stealthed, you deal and receive more damage if you have Dark Impulse equipped.

Idle Thought

  • Gain a significant damage boost but suffer a damage penalty per round if you have Dark Impulse equipped.


  • At the start of each round, you have a chance to gain an extra action, but your resistance to death effects is reduced if you have Dark Impulse equipped.
    Strategically utilize these trinkets to harness the power of Cultist Trinkets in the game.

A Tier: Valuable Trinkets

These A Tier trinkets offer resistance against status effects, crowd control, healing, and offensive capabilities:

Sacrificial Host


  • +33% blight token status effect RES
  • -10% bleed token status effect RES
    Provide valuable resistance against the dangerous blight status effect.



  • Applies various negative token status effects on hit, providing crowd control options.

Befuddling Sundial

  • Provides healing or increases horror, offering a risk-reward dynamic.

Pulsing Heart


  • Chance for regenerating health or applying a bleed token status effect at the start of each turn.

B Tier: Balanced Trinkets

These B Tier trinkets provide a balanced mix of benefits and drawbacks:

Obsidian Dronepipe


  • 25% chance to stun the enemy at the start of their turn.

Guarding Gauntlet


  • 15% chance to gain block at the start of your turn.


As we conclude this guide, it becomes evident that the realm of trinkets and their arcane powers is a labyrinth of ever-changing mysteries. In the depths of this enigmatic world, where shadows dance and whispers echo across time, the choice of trinkets rests solely in your hands.

Yet, tread cautiously, for these trinkets possess the duality of salvation and damnation. The boundaries of sanity become blurred as you venture into the tiers, where reality itself teeters on the precipice. Each trinket holds the potential to shape the fates of heroes, sway the tides of battle, and even unravel the very fabric of existence.

However, amidst the chaos and terror that pervade these pages, we must acknowledge that no guide can truly capture the essence of the eldritch realm. The nature of these trinkets is elusive, ever-shifting like the capricious whims of cosmic entities. The ultimate truth lies not within these words, but within the depths of your own experiences, forged through sacrifice, perseverance, and the fragile grasp on sanity.

As you navigate the twisted labyrinth of this treacherous game, let the whispers of the eldritch guide your steps. Embrace the unknown, for it is in the face of madness that the greatest revelations are unveiled. With each choice, each trinket you wield, you draw closer to the unfathomable secrets that lie dormant in the heart of this spectral realm.

May your journey be one of discovery and illumination, where the shadows of uncertainty give way to newfound knowledge. The trinkets are your compass, your allies in this dark odyssey. Let them serve as beacons, lighting your path through the eternal night, as you strive to conquer the unforgiving depths of Darkest Dungeon 2.

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