Cyberpunk 2077 – Tips for Soda Exchange (Fastest Ways)

This shows tips for soda exchange (fastest ways) in Cyberpunk 2077.

Tips for Soda Exchange (Fastest Ways)

Eddies make the world go round and i will show you where to get it done quickest.

1.Purchase the “Mechanic” perk. This will allow you to disassemble items purchased for more components.

*The Key*

2.Go to the location in the image provided. There are over 20 machines that sell products for $10 (the $10 is key)

I was able to purchase over 700 soda’s in one go, but if you save and reload the location immediately you can do this until you run out of money.

3.Disassemble what you bought, you’ll get 6 common components and 3 uncommon components.

Each common can sell for 5$, 8$ for uncommon one.

4.The last part is actually the hardest. You will have to travel to various vendors and drop locations to sell off your common and uncommon components but doing this will earn a fat stack. I was able to make over $75K in less than 15 minutes doing this.

Again, best location for the vending machines all in one spot is in Northside near the boarder of Arasaka Waterfront. There is a bar located near the boarder and just north east of that is a corner alley with 20+ machines.

The Money Pit of Vending Machines

by Geaux DarqueMav

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