Cyberpunk 2077 – Portal Location (Easter Egg)

This guide will show you on how to locate portal (easter egg) in Cyberpunk 2077.

Portal Location (Easter Egg)

So it turns out there is a reference to Portal in Cyberpunk 2077! Yes, the same Portal with the slightly insane AI that killed a bunch to scientists and is obsessed with testing. Well anyways, here’s how to find it!


The following guide shows how to find the Portal reference in Cyberpunk 2077. This guide may have spoilers, so if you don’t want to risk it, or you want to find the reference yourself, I suggest you click off this guide.


Because this Easter egg is part of a mission, you will need to get to unlock said mission. Easier said than done, (but not really, its actually quite easy).

So how do you get to it? Well, once you complete Act 1, and wake up from the land fill, then make your way back to your apartment , you will receive a mission titled “Human Nature.”

Completing “Human Nature”

To get to the mission with the main topic of this guide, you will need to complete Human Nature as it leads into the correct mission.

Complete it by finding your car on the first floor of the parking garage next to your apartment building.

Once you enter your car, the Delamain car in front of you will drive into you and drive off, laughing.

You will soon get a call from Delamain offering compensation if you go to Delamain HQ, and you will receive a waypoint to go there.

Once you arrive, go on the behind-the-scenes tour offered by Delamain, until you reach the control room, then accept their job offer to find all the rogue cars.


Now that you have completed “Human Nature”, you are on to the next mission, titled “Epistrophy”. Complete it like normal until the fifth car.

The Actual Easter Egg

Congrats! You’ve finally made it to our goal! Now you can just enjoy it, I would suggest saving because:

  • You may want to revisit this.
  • It can be surprisingly difficult if you aren’t expecting it.

When you first connect you the car, similar to all the other ones, you will receive a call from “Delamain”, with a modified version of their face appearing, then hearing a unique voice over the phone, but this time, you may notice that the AI’s voice and word choice resembles a certain GLaDOS.

As you follow them, they talk about testing, and cake, as well as a surprise.

Eventually they lead you under an overpass and through a homeless camp, they will stop, revealing the surprise to be, unsurprisingly, your death.

Soon afterwards two cars will pull up behind you, blocking your car in place, assuming you followed GLaDOS directly.

You can also go into the left lanes to avoid this though:

As for the actual confrontation, you can either take the Birdies, (as I’ve taken to calling the cultists that attack you, referred top by GLaDOS as “my little killing machines”), head on, or sneak around, stealthily taking them down one at a time. I would suggest the latter, as the head on approach can draw in police drones and other gangs.

Afterwards, you can just walk up to the car and talk with GLaDOS, who promptly gives up once their “foolproof plan” fails, and proceeds to pull off to the side, allowing you to drive forwards if you followed them directly.

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