Cyberpunk 2077 – “Main Job: The Heist” Walkthrough

A guide on how to complete the main job: “The Heist” (walkthrough) in Cyberpunk 2077.

“Main Job: The Heist” Walkthrough

Press Tab and scan this shaft:

And Wait for Flathead to finish.

Scan this:

Also, in this room, scan holoprojector, TV, terrarium and its control panel. Then enter shaft.

Use Flathead to open the ventilation grate.

Use Flathead to enter the dweller’s room.

But in this security room, you will get a problem. To fix it, find CCTV access point.

Connect to CCTV using Flathead.

Jack in Flathead

Change camera 1-3 and find him:

And shaft.

Change camera again.

Use Flathead to open the ventilation grate.

Change camera again and hack the dweller using Flathead:

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