Cyberpunk 2077 – All Endings Guide (One Save)

A guide on how to get all endings in one save (in Cyberpunk 2077).

All Endings Guide (One Save)

How to get all 4 Cyberpunk 2077 endings in 1 save.


This guide aims to help players get all four ending achievements (The Devil, the Star, the Sun, and Temperance) in 1 save.

  • Finish all story quests until ‘Play It Safe’.
  • Finish Panam and Rogue’s side quests (both will be unlocked automatically as you progress through the story).

Once the above two have been done and you have gotten their respective secret achievements, complete ‘Play It Safe’. Then, during the subsequent mission ‘Search and Destroy’, Save Takemura (He is not marked on the map. You will have to do this of your own volition)

Once the above two have been completed. Save immediately. This will be the save you will come back to after every ending.

The Devil

  • Easy. Trust Arasaka over Johnny/Rogue or Panam on the balcony.

The Star & Temperance

The Star

  • Call Panem for help on the balcony.
  • When talking to Alt, make sure you live your life and walk to the well NOT the bridge


  • Call Panem for help on the balcony.
  • When talking to Alt, make sure you give your body to Johnny and enter the bridge not the well.

The Sun

  • On the balcony, let Johnny and Rogue take the reigns.
  • When talking to Alt, you can choose whatever you want (Well or Bridge). I suggest Well (seems nicer).

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