Cyber Manhunt – Database Guide (Cracking, Email, and More)

This guide will help you on database (cracking, email, and more) in Cyber Manhunt.

Database Guide


Before using this database, please review the “Special Disclaimer” thoroughly. By using the database, you acknowledge that you have read, understand, and agree with the terms.

Special Disclaimer


It contains large amount of citizen data of the Republic of Allivia. Only Titan Matrix can legally use these data.


  1. Any unauthorized operation will constitute an infringement of trade secrets
  2. The use of the database must be for commercial purposes only, any personal use will be prosecuted
  3. Any form of dissemination will violate Allivia’s criminal laws and will be prosecuted.

How to Use Database

To use the database, the real name of the target person must be available.

Enter real name and any one piece of supplementary information, then you can search for the target information in the database.

After successfully obtaining the information, collect it into the shared folder.

Name and Information for Database

This database contains large amount of citizen data. Search can only be conducted using eal names.

To avoid displaying duplicate names, additional info is required. You can choose to enter any one of the following:

Tel, house number, email, Hitalk account, date of birth


Enter name and birth.

Then collect and crack email.


Email Guide

The “default user” in your email account is your mailbox, you can log in at any time.

If you want to log in to another person’s mailbox, you need to fill in the correct email account and password.


If you closed the mailbox, you can log in again by clicking the mailbox icon.

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