Cyber City (New) – A Beginner Guide – Walkthrough

The following guide informs about Cyber City is newly released in Steam. What the bad and the good is:

About Cyber City

Cyber City is a role play based cyberpunk style game where you get to explore the city, learn the rules that govern it and overcome them to feel like the most influence and famous person.

The city is very diverse and gives plenty of opportunities for gaining fame and riches. You just need to be focused and determined in order to see them.

Go crazy in the strip clubs full of hot women!
Sexy nude girls will do anything you want and keep your company.
Party and enjoy!

Prove your strength on the Arena, fight your way to the very top.
Choose your weapon, create your tactic and don’t let your guard down. Thousands of people are watching. One fail could end your carrier.

When you’ll get filthy rich, all the doors in the City will be open to you.

First Impressions

So I did buy this game on the release and give it a good try. I’m afraid to admit that, it’s a big disappointment. However, here are my honest thoughts:

What Is The Good in Cyber City:

  • The idea of having adult game in cyberpunk future world.
  • Got some characters with voice.

What Is The Bad in Cyber City:

  • It is not complete!
  • There is no ingame menu.
  • H-scenes are not close to be considered as good. (you simply shaking a naked “pleasure” robot with some voice)
  • You don’t have enough source or a way to get ingame money to try out everything (which are really few) game offers.

What I mean by incomplete is; you kinda start game with a feel that there would be a story behind. However you have no chance to find it out. Additionally, events the game offers are either not fun or feels like they are not complete. (i.e there is a robot fight where you “might” get some money, however you can’t get or lose money until you leave that place!)

To devs:

I know this is not an AAA company game, you guys don’t have all the support. However, you could start this as Early Access and improve/fix the game within time instead of releasing it as full game. I don’t expect to have a story or something, but as I mentioned the events you offer are not looking pretty (atleast for now). Also, having no ingame menu is big off for me, you cannot modify ingame sound/graphics and you can’t even turn go back to main menu (or quit game without alt+f4).

My suggestion is that you should try to make this as Early Access (or re-release it as one), then try to complete/improve game with feedbacks you get from players.

by Kel_Ebek

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