Cute Honey – How to Install R18 Patch

A guide on how to install and download R18 patch into Cute Honey.

What is Cute Honey?

  • Cute Honey is a casual strategy game, how to get liquid into the cup is the core of this game.
  • The plot CG of this game will advance with the water game.
  • Various CG scenes.
  • Different costume props.
  • Cute and sexy girl in two different states.
  • Fun and creative brush play.
  • The new auto mode is waiting for your discovery~ (it can be done manually)
  • Satisfy the needs of players is our goal.
  • The game includes a free patch pack.
  • Please find the installation method of the free patch package in the comments or community discussions.

How to Install R18 Patch


If you are faced with the problem of not working photo album, then you are at the right place.

In fact, there is an explanation from the developer in the discussions, but why waste precious time searching and translating? Follow my writing and you will be rewarded.

Download and install

Go HERE, download the archive and, going through the folders to the cherished TestData, send it to this address:

SteamLibrary \ steamapps \ common \ Cute Honey \ CuteHoney_Data \ StreamingAssets

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