Cultist Simulator – How to Find Rarities and Delightful People (Hidden) (Aspiring Exile’s Guide)

This is Aspiring Exlie’s guide helping you on how to fina rarities and delightful people (hidden) in a specific city of Cultist Simulator.

Aspiring Exile’s Guide

There’s a number of unique rarities and delightful people out there. Their placements aren’t random – each one is hidden in a specific city. This guide is to reference everything unique you might otherwise miss. Obviously, it’s a major moodkiller for Exile, so don’t use it. Or do.


Items with very high aspect power, within 8-12 numbers. Purchase opportunities for most of them are randomly found when exploring cities. Occasionally with comfort too. Unique. Expensive. They can be taken with you when running away, but each needs packing, and will slow your escape down. Some of them are used for special… things.

Odd Little Bone – Forge rarity

  • City: Vienna

Grese Guitar – Heart rarity

  • City: Avignon

The Book of Suns, Reassembled – Lantern rarity

Assembled from 3 pages. Each page is a unique purchase, happening in one of 3 city groups. If you got page from Alexandria, you won’t find it in Samarkand anymore.


  • Page 1: Alexandria, Istanbul, Samarkand.
  • Page 2: Krakow, London, Tiflis.
  • Page 3: Tripoli, Marrakech.

Atlas of the Unsuspected – Knock rarity

  • City: Strasbourg

‘Green as Remembered Rain’ – Moth rarity

  • City: Rostock

‘Abydos Unveiled’ – Winter rarity

  • City: Cluj-Napoca

Case of 1865 Domaine Raveline – Grail rarity

  • City: Paris


In absence of Edge rarity, we have several weapons to gather instead. Being items, they also need packing when on the run. This section covers only unique weaponry found in city vaults. Certain weapon is also used for… stuff.

Ebrehel, the Ragged Sword

  • City: Krakow
  • Vault checks: 4 edge/winter/heart, 8 winter/moth/lantern, 12 winter/heart.

Imhullune Tectrix

  • City: Baghdad
  • Vault checks: 6 forge/heart, 10 moth/grail, 14 edge/winter.

Biedde’s Blade

  • This one doesn’t seem to drop from anywhere in the game, at all.


Great source of portable aspects – unlike items, they don’t slow you down on packing phase. Each ally starts as local contact. To make them follow you on the run, you need to complete their personal vault mission, and stick around long enough to give them trophy.

Lalla Chaima, the Huntress – Edge ally

  • City: Rhenish Aachen
  • Personal vault checks: 4 lantern/knock, 6 winter/forge/heart, 10 edge/moth.

Zulfiya, the Barber – Moth ally

  • City: Stalingrad
  • Personal vault checks: 2 winter/grail, 8 winter/moth/lantern, 12 moth/lantern.

Orsolina, the Delver – Forge ally

  • City: Venice
  • Personal vault checks: 2 lantern/forge, 8 edge/winter, 10 knock/forge.

Vasil, the Fivegoer – Grail ally

  • City: Tiflis
  • Personal vault checks: 4 lantern/knock, 6 edge/moth, 10 moth/lantern.

Dominykas, the Baker – Winter ally

  • City: Kaunas
  • Personal vault checks: 2 lantern/knock, 6 moth/knock/forge, 12 winter/heart.

Giorgiou, the Smuggler – Knock ally

  • City: Avignon
  • Personal vault checks: 2 lantern/forge, 8 edge/moth/grail, 10 edge/moth.

Mireya, the Visionary – Lantern ally

  • City: Granada
  • Personal vault checks: 2 forge/heart, 8 edge/grail/heart, 10 winter/lantern/heart.

Jannings, the Vivisectionist – Heart ally

  • City: Munich
  • Personal vault checks: 4 edge/moth, 8 edge/moth, 12 edge/winter/heart.


Ligeians are deadly. They may either offer you a hand, eat you, or help you with… business.

  • Sulochana – our good old friend.
  • City: London
  • Echidna – previously known as Mrs. E.
  • City: Marrakech
  • Frau Schlüssel – Sulochana doesn’t talk to her.
  • City: Vienna
  • Marinette – really far away from home.
  • City: Kiev
  • Medusa – don’t look.
  • City: Budapest
  • Mme Matutine – new Ligeian on the block.
  • City: Amsterdam

Other Places of Interest

Those cities are important. For reasons.

  • City: Candia-Heraklions
  • City: Tripoli dell’ovest

Closing, on How Destination Decks Work

Each of the escape destinations is a unique draw. You got one of the cities above – you better go there, and you better loot what’s in there, or it’s gone.

Not every city is available from any other city. Each city has its own deck of destinations you can depart to. You won’t get from Paris to Stalingrad – not directly at least.

However, it is theoretically possible to visit every normal city, even if your travel route would normally prevent it. Whenever city normal destination deck is exhausted by your frantic escape attempts, it will send you to Wilderness. In turn, from Wilderness you can get into literally any other normal city you haven’t visited yet. Yay, traveling!

by Wintermute

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