Cult of the Lamb – How to Fix Tier 3 Bug

A guide on how to fix tier 3 bug using cheat engine in Cult of the Lamb.

How to Fix Tier 3 Bug

Disclaimer avoids any refined items to prevent this bug this includes refined planks, refined stones, and refined gold bars until you unlock the refinery as intended.

Please note: I didn’t make this just found this it was created by these gents please be sure to give them your thanks.

  • step 1: Get a cheat engine
  • step 2: Download this its a cheat table btw safe to use this file made by Akira 
  • step 3: Click PC monitor with a magnifying glass
  • step 4: Select game
  • step 5: Click mono
  • step 6: Click the lazy pointer
  • step 7: Click data manager
  • step 8: Make sure you are in the game for variables to properly update
  • step 9: Look for [560] CurrentPlayerUpgradeTreeTier and change it to 2
  • step 10: Have fun

by Gamerzilla101

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