Cult of the Lamb – How to Defeat Bosses (Easy Ways)

A guide on how to defeat bosses (best and easy ways) in Cult of the Lamb.

Easy Ways to Defeat All Bosses

This will help you to cheese the achievements for killing bosses without taking any damage. You can avoid the boss’ phases but you will need to clear dungeon rooms flawlessly to stack damage with the Golden Fleece.


  • Get the golden fleece.
  • Stack as much additional % damage as you can.
  • Destroy the boss with high damaging weapons or curses.

Obtain a Talisman

First, you must obtain 4 Talisman pieces to form a complete Talisman. These can be earned by completing unique quests outside crusades, such as fishing for The Fisherman or bringing Eyes of Witness to Plimbo.

Unlock the Golden Fleece

In the temple, you can use the Talisman you have obtained to unlock Fleeces which provide buffs/debuffs to change your playstyle during a Crusade.

The best of all imo is the Golden Fleece, which lets you deal an additional 10% damage per enemy killed without taking damage, the downside of which is that you take double damage.

Find High Damaging Weapons/Curses

With the Golden Fleece, +% damage will scale the damage of weapons with higher base damage far more than faster weapons with low base damage.

Find any hammer or ax, as well as the highest damaging curse in the game, the Cleansing Fire, as it does absurd damage when you land all 3 projectiles

Stack Your Damage and Slay the Boss

Play slowly and methodically to be able to keep stacking your damage before fighting the boss. Learn the move sets of enemies in the dungeons and very quickly you will be one-shotting most of them as you stack damage.

A good target would be to have at least 500% additional damage stacked up. When you start the boss fight you should be able to deal enough damage to the boss to kill them before their first phase begins.

What if I have already beaten the boss for the first time? I can’t find them!

If you have already beaten the boss of a dungeon, you can challenge them again when you encounter their totem during a run in that dungeon

Simply destroy the totem to spawn a portal which you can enter to take you to the boss of that area


Thank you so much for reading through this guide! I hope it helped you in some way.

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