Crusader Kings III – How to Prevent Wars (Especially Separate)

A guide on how to stop or prevent wars (especially separate) in Crusader Kings III.

Do not Let the King Die!

If you’re king just died, that means all of your vassals now have a negative opinion modifier of you called ‘short reign’ which is essentially everyone being a bit iffy about your new king, because nobody knows if he can handle the job yet. This may be causing your vassals opinion to go into the negative (maybe combined with some bad traits on the new king?) and make them join factions.

Those factions will declare their war when you are weak. So if you have a big battle in your war, they will smell a ripe opportunity to rise up against you.

Make sure you don’t have any negative factions *before* you declare an offensive war.

Do not Be Weak!

If you are weak you will get attacked. It is as simple as that really. Winning wars quickly involves beating the enemies field armies and capturing their a main settlement and the territory that you have claimed as quickly as possible.

If your king just died do not declare war, you need to get your realm sorted out first. Just sit back, make sure your vassals are happy and then start to pick on your neighbors.

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