Crusader Kings III – How to Find Cloud Saves and Open The Console

A guide on how to find cloud saves and open the console in Crusader Kings III.

How to Find Cloud Saves

You need to find your steam installation, this is usally on the C drive, in program files, if there are several steam folders, find the one that has “userdata” in it.

After that, please follow this path below:

Steam\userdata\YourUserID\1158310\remote\save games

Your User ID will be a similar string of numbers, like the Crusader Kings 3 ID, which is 1158310.

There’s a website where Steam shows cloud saves, but neither does CK2 or CK3 support it.

By The Minecraft Boy

How to Open The Console

  • Go to Preferences
  • Go to Set Launch Options
  • Enter “-debug_mode”
  • Now start a run and push the ‘ key

By Magosuee

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