Crusader Kings III – Guide to Marriage

Guide to marriage in Crusader Kings III. How to marry, benefits of marriage, and more…

Guide to Marriage


To ensure the future of your Dynasty, you need family members. It helps if you are Married, but we cannot promise that you will marry for love.

For unmarried Characters in your Domain, you can set up Marriages (or Betrothals) by right-clicking on the Character and choosing Find Spouse, or Arrange Marriage.

The two options behave differently, so let’s go through them both…

To continue:

  • Right-click on your own Character
  • Select Find Spouse

Choosing Find Spouse

Choosing Find Spouse opens a list of potential Spouses — they hail from Courts all over the world!

Choosing Arrange Marriage also opens a list of potential Spouses, but only with people from the Court of the Character you clicked.

Your own Character is visible on the left, because this Marriage needs your approval. Whoever is the Liege of the other spouse will appear on the right side, as the union will need their approval as well.

Arrange Marriage can be useful for match-making between your Courtiers, or for setting up a specific marriage Alliance. For now, Find Spouse is more relevant for our purposes.


There are many factors to consider when choosing a Spouse. To help you out, there is a filter available for sorting. Among things to consider, there are Alliances, Skills, personality Traits, expected Fertility, and more.

Some Traits are Congenital, meaning they might be inherited by your children — perhaps someone with a Trait like that is a good place to start?

You can change your selection by clicking the Clear Characters button in between the Characters you are setting up to get married. Nothing will happen until you click Send Proposal

Send Proposal

When you have selected two people for your Marriage, you are presented with the details of the union, along with additional options such as having the marriage be Matrilineal.

If you are happy with the marriage, go ahead and send an offer. When playing, this action will take a few days, but we’ make it work instantly this time.

  • Select a Spouse for your Character and click Send Proposal to suggest the union

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