Crusader Kings III – Guide to Getting Land of the Rus Achievement

Guide to getting Land of the Rus achievement in Crusader Kings III.

Guide to Getting Land of the Rus Achievement

Goal of achievement: Make Empire of Russia as Rurik ‘Troublemaker’ of Holmgardr.

Land of the Rus
Starting as Rurik the Troublemaker in 867, lead your Dynasty to rule the Empire of Russia

Step 1

  • Select lifestyle ‘Chivalry focus’.
  • Taking ‘Bellum Justum’ perk (gain -50% bonus cost for casus belli) at the left branch is enough if Overseer or Gallant branch is already taken at a start.
  • If you get left branch at the take 3 perks at gallant branch (Stalwart Leader, Chivalric Dominance and Never Back Down).

Note: In 872 select Medicine Focus and learn all of Whole of Body branch

  • Choose task of your spouse to Manage Domain.
  • Move Rally Point of your Army to a border with Chiefdom of Vodi and declare war on them for county.
  • Repeat with Polotsk. Grant extra domain to any courtier.

Step 2

  • Create Kingdom of Novgorod and duchy Luki (You should make it to receive CB “Subligination”).
  • Hire 4-5 light footmen man-at-arms (Waiting for refill).
  • After refilling we are going to raid Minsk. When we completely raid all this lands to ash – than declare war with CB “Subligination”.

Step 3

  • Become slavic and slovianska pravda (slovianskan).
  • Vassalize all possible tribals, expect Kiev (If you don’t have enough relations with tribals for vassalization – send them a gift).
  • Start raids against Kiev, when we completely raid all these lands to ash – then declare war with CB “Conquer duchy Kiev” (AI likes go to siege you capital while you siegeing him).
  • If you are lucky enough, now you have only tribals with slavic and slovianska pravda(slovianskan) and you can vassalize them.

Step 4

Now the main thing before you create Empire Russia:

  • Turn your armies to the east and conquer all lands here in de-jure Empire Russia.

Note: Use CB “Conquer duchy” and don’t break peace treaty.

  • Turn your armies to the west and do the same thing.

Note: Do not grant any duchy titles to anyone and keep in mind to change vassals culture and religion.

Step 5

  • By this moment you should form the Empire of Russia, but there is a chance that your ruler died, that’s why we chose Medicine Focus and Whole of Body branch.
  • It took me 38 years of lazy gameplay, where 2 years I wasted to get enough gold to create a title.

by Pilgrim

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