Crusader Kings III – Guide to Diplomatic Range, Exclaves, and More

Are you tired of seeing Ireland or Denmark sniping counties along the Mediterranean Sea? Or Byzantium in Scotland? Let’s do something about it! Guide to the diplomatic range, exclaves, and more in Crusader Kings III.


Greetings lovely map painters, are you tired of seeing the luscious green of Ireland splotched all over the European continent (but oddly reduced to one county in Ireland itself?) or Denmark jump skipping from Galicia to Tunis just to ruin your map viewing? Let’s try to reduce that significantly by tweaking the settings we have at our disposal as of version 1.0.3.

  • No mods
  • Just tweak the options
  • Ironman compatible


  • Exclaves: Total
  • Diplomatic Range: Restricted

What is border gore though? Certainly, you might be compelled to call the absolute chaotic tapestry that was the historical Holy Roman Empire an example of border gore, but there was beauty in that imperfection. Likewise, a cute Lombardy snaking its way through the Alps is admirable and fits an alternate historical map.

The annoying kind of border gore is when Ireland is splattered across France and Spain, with a county here and there in Scandinavia. Or a Byzantine stronghold in the middle of East Francia.



When creating a new game using any starting date, navigate to the game rules. (This is different from the Options menu in the main menu)

Besides picking ironman, there are a couple options that are of interest to us:


Exclaves can be aesthetically pleasing to look in the same way the pigheaded Homely Karling princess is when you have the Drunkard trait: only in moderation.

Exclave Independence: Total or Total (AI).

When the Byzantine Emperor inherits or conquers a county in the middle of France without a direct land or sea connection to his de jure territory, then upon his death an independent ruler will take over that specific county. It thins the paint of the artistic AI.

Diplomatic Range

Often overlooked but perhaps the most important game rule we have at our disposal is Diplomatic Range:

Diplomatic Range: Restricted

You see, when the Norsemen are contained to their own part of the map, then they are less likely to snipe a county in North Africa. In combination with the Exclave Independence rule, you effectively make sure those pesky Norsemen stay on their side of the Strait of Gibraltar.

Another reason why we should tweak this option is because again, the splotches of Regal Purple in the middle of Midnight Blue France happen because somehow the AI has fudged their family relations up to such a degree that the Emperor inherits counties that pass out of the realm of France. By limiting the diplomatic range, you prevent the eyebrow furrowing inheritances from ever appearing as the pool of spouses is severely limited to the own localle.


Now you are set to get a believable alternate history world map to some degree using the following two game rules:

  • Exclave Independence: Total
  • Diplomatic Range: Restricted

Options to consider:

Regional heresies


For those that enjoy spending time in the religion map mode, and lose 32 stress from seeing a Cathar Aquitaine, make sure to set this to strict.

by Roquas

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