Crucible – Useful Tips for Healing

These useful tips for Crucible will help you on healing and how to get medkits.

Useful Tips for Healing (How to Get Medkits)

  • There are enough medkits around:

You can heal in Med Stations near Generators. You’re not preparing accordingly for fights and you’re getting punished for it. Your health is supposed to go down and you’re supposed to heal it back up either during fights (if you’re good enough) or outside of them, which is easy.

  • Plantbot heals team mates
  • Medkits, there is a green pillar near all the thumpers that heals, green plants heal, green canisters on the ground heal
  • The little green things that spawn around when shot produce a green aura ball thing and you can pick that up for some healing
  • You have a scan button to see heath plants and med-kit dispensers around you. If they add anymore healing, the TTK will be too long.

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