Crucible – Guide to Characters (Stompers, Spitters, Lurkers, Hives)

A guide to characters (Stompers, Spitters, Lurkers, Hives) in Crucible

Guide to Characters


  • Passive (unless attacked/approached). Often in groups of 3+.
  • Very common.
  • Easy to avoid attacks (keep moving around).
  • Drops 300 essence.
  • Deals low physical damage.
  • Low health.
  • Best hero to kill – Summer (when stompers in a large group).


  • Aggressive (hides underground when not approached).
  • Often on its own but can spawn in groups of 3+.
  • Un-Common.
  • Easy to avoid attacks (move left and right).
  • Drops 400 essence.
  • Deals DoT (damage over time).
  • Low health.
  • Best hero to kill – Any.


  • Passive (unless they have spawned on a harvester and will attack sight) will turn aggressive when shot at).
    *Note: Can fly.
  • Spawns on its own but can be clustered around 5+ (won’t attack player unless shot at / will all wake up if one is shot at).
  • Common.
  • Drops 250 essence.
  • Deals Physical damage.
  • Very low health.
  • Best hero to kill – Any.


  • Passive (unless shot at).
  • Spawns on it’s own in set locations.
  • Projectiles shot at player can be easy / hard to avoid depending on hero (use cover to bait).
  • Drops 5000 essence.
  • Deals high DoT (damage over time).
  • Very high health.
  • Best hero to kill – (don’t attack solo best with 4 players / depends on the game mode) Bugg / Summer / Earl / Mendoza (any high DPS hero).
    *Note: There is a weak point – shoot the blue roots.


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