Creature Card Idle – Zone 4: Plains of War Walkthrough – Achievement

The newly released Creature Card Idle is eye-catching. This guide will show on plains of war. Before the topic, I want to introduce the game:

About Creature Card Idle

The hit web game finally comes to Steam, complete with achievements & cloud saves. Now with NO ads and NO microtransactions!! Buy once and play all content forever, including new expansions as they get added.

An incremental game where you place cards strategically on a grid to generate resources, and you spend those resources to purchase booster packs containing new cards.

Once you have enough resources, unlock the next expansion. Each expansion is its own little idle game that adds new mechanics and new cards to the mix, ensuring the game never gets stale. Later expansions change the formula, even more, featuring RPG-like battle mechanics.

You can carry your progress over to this version from the Kongregate version by clicking the gear icon in the top-right corner of the game.

Zone 4 – Plains of War

This one is interesting. It introduces a completely new mechanic. You’re now basically playing a proper RPG, and each card has a specific slot it must be plugged into.

This is also where my own knowledge of the game becomes a bit spotty. Some of my intel is lacking for the time being.

The purple zones will boost your heroes, but they can also boost monsters with extra effects, which the tooltips will let you know. If used on monsters, boosts typically give extra loot, while certain boosts have better use on your heroes.

Here’s a couple of the builds I run, with explanations.

I found rogues to be incredibly valuable to start with. They are however a five-star rarity so it may take some time getting all four of them going. They’re also the first thing I really spent my gems on, getting them boosted will carry you fairways.

I use the chests because they give the highest loot bonus in this tier, that I’ve been able to find. (Sing it with me now; depending on your card levels)

I also use Jars of Death in both tier one and tier two because it gives bonus criticals and… What I assume to be their damage. So they have a chance to do, presumably, double damage. In terms of hero boosts, other players will sell the values of the Potions, as they’ll revive your heroes so they can keep attacking without ending the “round” in the monster’s favor, which by the way, leads to absolutely no gains. So keep an eye out on that, if your monsters are out DPSing your heroes, then you need to downgrade your monsters to something you can actually kill.

In terms of monsters… I haven’t found the meta here. Use the highest yields available and whatever you can kill in proper time. My rogues and assassins are gem-boosted so they do most of the work for me, and I just swap my monsters out depending on the resource I need. The card packs require quite an uneven spread of resources so just… do whatever you need at the time.

Anyway, in tier two I switch a couple of things up.

Replace Chests with Eggs whenever you have them available. Eggs are four-star rarity so you won’t be swimming in them right away. Eggs have very high bonus loot percentages, but they also add a ton of hitpoints to your monsters. Boosts are usually trade-offs like that. It’s right there in the name, after all.

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