Craftopia – Spell and Their Characteristics Guide

The aim of this guide is to explain spells and their characteristics as well as possible play styles.
This guide may change with coming updates. Support is welcome!

Spell and Their Characteristics Guide


First of, Spell damage scales with MATK.

You can increase MATK by using equipment that has the MATK stat, like any kind of weapon, head gear, amulets.

Using a weapon with high MATK would be preferable, a sword does just fine and can be combined with a shield to buff your DEF with no loss in MATK.

Secondary Boni:

Items you loot or craft can come with additional Boni that buff stats.

As example, the Buff Spirit of Fire additionally Buffs MATK by 30 and 20%.

Looted items may additionally have different Boni depending on Biome and Mob. As example, Items looted from a giraffe has the ‘Giraffe’ Boni, increasing MATK by 15.

Gear created using materials with these Boni will gain them.

In the current state of the game, if you want good weapons to boost your damage, travel to lv7 maps and raid their dungeons.


Right now only a handful of spells are available.

Tier 1:

  • Heal: I recommend this spell for all builds because even at lv1 it can heal good amount of hp for only little mana cost and with little cooldown time. The amount healed scales with your max hp and recieves no buff from Rune Stream or Mana Siphon.
  • Wind Edge: Fires a number of homing projectiles. Little Mana cost but also little damage.
  • Water Creation: Gives you a bucket of water for each skilllevel.
  • Fire Creation: Gives you a stone campfire for each skilllevel.
  • Runic Barrage: Fires a number of projectiles. Projectiles spread a little and makes this spell less useful at distance. Still, an easy to use spell with Little Mana cost, moderate damage and low cooldown time.

Tier 2:

  • Lightning Bolt: Magic lightning that strikes where you point with your mouse. With a mana cost of 20 and high damage. A tricky spell that in my experience can instantly kill strong targets. with spell caster build. But it rarely hits a single target like a buffalo with more than 3 lightnings. More effective against larger targets.
  • Ressurection: Just as the name implies. I couldn’t test this spell yet since I didn’t manage to play Multi Player.
  • Arch heal: Heals other players too.
  • Magic shield: Passive damage reduction. Goblin Shamans are still going to burn you dead.
  • Rune Stream: The only current Spell damage buff skill in the Magic Skill Tree. Simply cast a spell to stack the buff up to 6 times and reset the buff timer.

Tier 3:

  • Frost Mine

Upon casting, kicks mobs several meters away from you. High mana cost, moderate damage, high range, knockback.

  • Wisdom

Decreases the mana cost for spells. It’s not much but will help.

Tier 4:

  • Mana Siphon

Up to double the mana cost but highly increased spell damage. Long cool down.

  • Summon Meteor

Meteors will always drop in from your left side. They will hit any objects in the way, like your own buildings, mines, trees. etc. which will cause them to miss their target. Blast range is small. Damage is fine. Useless in dungeons. High mana cost. Can mine ore from ore veins. Verified up to Diamond veins.

  • Time Stop

Very low range, halts movement of one or more mobs in a small bubble for a short duration. Mediocre Manacost.


I recommend lightning bolt for farming exp from elephants. It has higher damage output than Frost Mine.

Frost Mine got buffed and is an extremely good dungeon clearer that will speed up your gear farming. With it’s long range and decent dps it can clear a dungeon floor with 1 cast.

Very potent with Mana Siphon.

It has a powerful knockback and not as much damage output as lightning bolt, which is why I cannot recommend it to farm exp from elephants. Elephants will get kicked far away and you’ll have to run after them.

An example of the buffed Frost Mine spell clearing a dungeon.

Rune Stream is easy to stack and can increase your dps greatly. Wisdom and Meditation from Tier 1 Basics skill tree will help easen the mana drain, but having some Mana Potions as well is advised. Lighting Bolt has good dps, but it’s very RNG.

In it’s current state, Summon Meteor can be ignored. The heal spell is very useful for any build.

Constructing walls to get the high ground will keep you save from angry mobs running at you.

Spells are easy to use, potent and you can cast them from safety, making Magic builds very versatile and useful.

by chills

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