Craftopia – How to Work Respawn Resources and Get Bones

This guide will help you on how the respawn resources work and to get bones in Craftopia.

How to Work Respawn Resources

It seems that collectables like shells, flowers, and mushrooms, as well as enemies and animals, respawn quite quickly,

Stone, ores and trees on the other side havent respawned in the couple of hours ive played now, even multiple restarts didnt make them respawn.

I found some circular shaped rock-formations though, that seem to be some sort of infinite harvest spots for sand, rocks and ores. I found 3 for sand on the first island, and multiple rock and ore spots on the second island. I dont know if they are really infinite, but i could harvest a lot of stuff from them, and an excavator is still running on one of them after almost half an hour.

For wood on the other hand im still searching…


Forgot to mention, Dungeon interior collectables from chest and destroyable containers dont, as well as the reward token for the abilities (forgot the name, sorry) dont seem to respawn either, but the enemies and bosses do, as soon as you enter the dungeon again, and the bosses still drop their loot, (10 silver and 40 iron from the golem for example).

How to Get Bones?

  • Lots of larger animals like camels drop bones if you have not made it yet do the teleportation gate thing and go to a desert.
  • Kill a deer.
  • Skeletons appear at night, they also drop them.

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