Craftopia – How to Play Online with Friends

The guide that will spoon feed you how to play Craftopia with friends using Hamachi in detail.

How to Play Online with Friends

For host

First of all, you have to download Hamachi on its website, install it on your PC and launch it.

For host:

  1. Go to NETWORK tab and choose “create a new network”
  2. Name your network and set a password. Both can be anything.
  3. Click “Create”

Then, you give the server name, password and IP4 to your friends who also have Hamachi installed.

You can copy your IP4 by right clicking on the top left of the program. There are 2 sets of IP numbers on top and IP4 is the first one.

For example:

  • Network: Craftopia
  • Password (optional): 12345
  • IPv4

The program looks like this:


For Other Players

For other players:

  • 1. Go to NETWORK tab and choose “join an existing network”
  • 2. Fill all required details such as network name and password
  • 3. Launch the game and go to MULTIPLAYER on the bottom right side
  • 4. Choose “Join via IP”
  • 5. Put put your friend’s IPv4 in the box and click START button

And you’re in!



  • Please note that when you’re joining a server, all the players will have to wait for you to complete the connection. Personally, when I join my friend’s server it only takes around 10 – 15 seconds, but if internet speed of the player joining the server is very slow, it can take up to 10 minutes.

I’m usually the host and my friends can join without any issue (most of the time). This is my internet speed:

  • Free version of Hamachi can host up to 5 players including you, so only 4 of your friends can join your server at a time.
  • Last, but not least, this guide is dedicated to [SFW]LifeIsLikeABoxofChocolates, a friend who said “i read something about port forwarding. too advance for me and my lazy ass”. So if he can do it, you can do it.

By [SFW]Cereal Killer

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