Craftopia – How to Farm Easily (Lots of Wheat)

A guide on how to farm easily (lots of wheat) in Craftopia.

How to Farm Easily (Lots of Wheat)

A faster and better way to farm.

How to Farm

Set Up

Getting started is easy, get 6 Wheat farms and create a platform to place them on. Place one or two at the edge of the platform then hold the next one over the edge where you cant place it.


Hold the left click button and drag it over the previous plots, it should start to stack them, repeat this until you have a stack of about 6.

Farming It

Once its set up you can repeat this stack as many times as you want, making stacks over 6 means you can’t collect all the Wheat.

Make sure to leave room on one side to actually be able to hit all the plots.


Stand at the side and hit the stack with your sword.


And finally to collect it just stand on top of the stack.

by ProfesserWolfy

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