Craftopia – How to Change Language and Fix Online Issues

A guide on how to change language and how to fix online issues in Craftopia.

How to Change Language

If you have problems with half of the game being in japanese just do this:

1. Go to settings
2. Change language from English to anything else
3. Save
4. Change back to English.

By Uncy

Online seems to have issues. Use Hamachi to solve the problem and play with your friends.

All you need to do is to download Hamachi from their site. Make a room in the program with your friend then use his IPV4 address to join his ingame lobby instead of joining through steam which doesn’t work at the moment.

Hamachi is a VPN that emulates a Local area network you can then use your IPV4 IP on that program and connect to your friends lobby.

by Moku

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