Crab Game – The Best Tips for Tile Drive

This shows you the best tips for tile drive minigame in Crab Game.

The Best Tips for Tile Drive

In Single

If you’re alone – git gud, bhop or slide fast af by jumping off the top parts of the map, do not ignore the aforementioned ones as most of the time people from some other team. Color them once and keep them for the rest of the match considering no one bothers to climb ladders – always go for 2 or 3 tiles at a time by running side to side to a wall and a ceiling while jumping. Try to avoid bumping into others as much as possible.

In Team

If you’re in a team – communication can be key, split the map in two or more parts and cover the ones you got assigned to – get carried – if you see the other teammate peep(s) too many times, just get as far away from them so you can cover more tiles.

Trying to exclusively grab and hold the center floor ones is almost always guaranteed to have someone chase after you and forcing you to lose.

There comes a point where if you haven’t claimed some upper/wall ones, and someone chases you, its basically over.

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