Crab Game – How to Speedrun (To be Faster)

A guide on how to speedrun the game (Crab Game). To be faster or not to be.

How to Speedrun

How to be faster and speedrun your life?


Practice jumping with holding Shift.


Practice jumping with holding Shift while instead of holding only W you hold W and A or W and D.

(By holding both movement keys makes your character go faster in the air or ladder).


When you have trained the second section, you need to immediately after the jump (with the shift key held and W + A or W + D) hold down Ctrl and then you will get a very good boost to speed. Even better than doing it without Ctrl.

Also, with this method you can use bunnyhopping very well (BUNNYHOPP METHOD WORKS WITH SHIFT and W + A or W + D held down), you make the first jump (with shift + W + A or W + D), after which hold Ctrl and do not release it, before landing (shift + W + A or W + D still do not press), then release Ctrl before landing and jump (hold shift + W + A or W + D) and after you get close to the ground before falling, jump (hold down SHIFT + W + A or W + D), and then immediately press Ctrl.

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