Counter Terrorist Agency – Game Save Problem, Bugs and Crashes Guide

Guide explains about game saving, avatar, pop up message which is constant issue.

Some Crashes and Bugs

1. Constant issue that when I receive additional resources form the country (any) pop up message is staying on the screen and it can no be removed. 

2. Avatar in file is showing that person has been arrested but she/he wasn’t.

3. Game saving is not working as it should IMO unless it’s like this by design. When saving game then click on “continue” button, all progress is gone and new scenario seems to start.


1. The reason why you can’t close the resources popup is the fact that you didn’t spend all of the points. Take a look that you have been granted 7 points, which you can use to gain new resources. Here you have a small tip:

2. It will be fixed in the nearest patch.

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