Corruption 2029 – Gameplay Tips

Hi everyone. Today I am gonna mention the newly released Corruption 2029 is eye-catching. This guide will show basic gameplay tips for the starter. Before the topic, I want to promote the game:

Corruption 2029

Set in a dystopian America in the not-so-distant future. CORRUPTION 2029 is a new tactical strategy game from The Bearded Ladies, creators of ‘Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden’.Using your supreme tactical abilities, command a squad of heavily augmented ‘units’ deep into enemy territory to discover the cause of the CORRUPTION.

CORRUPTION 2029 is a hardcore tactical game that should test the mettle of even the most experienced tactical gamers.

Tips for Corruption 2029

Silent Kill

Be careful: The rescued UNIT has a SILENT weapon.

SILENT weapons can be used while SNEAKING to kill isolated Enemies without being heard.

Make sure your SILENT weapon can deal enough damage to kill the Enemy. If the enemy survives your attack they will alert others.

Keyboard Tips

  • Press F and re-group or split up.
  • Press Tab and change your commander.
  • Press left mouse and hide with the group.
  • Press (green) left mouse and sprint (will end turn for the player).

Healing (Medkits)

MEDKITS are found in the COMBAT ZONE and can be used during Combat to heal damage.

You can also use MEDKITS outside of Combat in the LOADOUT screen.

Combat Heal

When a Unit takes too much DAMAGE they will BLEEDOUT.

MOVE CLOSE and use a MEDKIT to save them within the indicated turns.

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