Cookie Clicker – Miscellaneous Achievements Guide

This shows miscellaneous achievements guide (how to get them) for Cookie Clicker.

Miscellaneous Achievements Guide

There are a few miscellaneous achievements that can be attained without really… playing the game at all. Here’s how to get them.

Tiny Cookie

This achievement is very easy. Simply head over to the "Stats" tab and click on one of the small cookies displayed next to the various counters at the top, Highlighted in following image.

What’s in a Name

This one is also straightforward and I imagine everyone will get this one at some stage, All you have to do for this one is just change your name! The name menu can be accessed by clicking on your bakery’s name above your cookie count.

Here You Go

To get Here you go, go to the achievements section in the stats tab, click on the (currently empty) achievement slot to the right of the “What’s in a name” achievement. This gives you the achievement.

Tabloid Addiction

At the top of the screen, between all the tabs, there is the tabloid, clicking on the text present there will cycle to a new headline, do this 50 times total and the achievement will unlock.

Olden Days

To find the forgotten madeleine, go to the info tab and scroll aaallllll the way down, at the bottom right it should be there, click it, unlocking this achievement.

by [VGHS] Kathijinks

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