Cookie Clicker – How to Get All Achievements (Cheats: v1.0)

A guide on how to get all achievements (cheats: v1.0) in Cookie Clicker.

How to Get All Achievements (Cheats: v1.0)

Just do it.

It’s quite simple.

TL;DR use to open the debugger for the game and run the code snippet below.

As for the noobs…

Download debugtron from the github page.

The Debugtron-0.5.0.Setup.exe doesn’t actually install anything and is a reasonable choice

This will allow you to open up the electron dev console for the game.

Right click the game in steam and click browse local files. Keep that window up on the side.

Launch debugtron, drag and drop the executable for the game into the debugtron window at the top right where it says “Drag your app here”.

After the game launches, you should see two “Sessions” boot up on the left below in the debugtron window.

Open the session that has a title of a cookie counter. (0 cookies – Cookie Clicker) for me.

Run the following code (copy-paste and press enter into the console):

Object.values(Game.AchievementsById).forEach(function(e) {

Ta da! Now go outside and stop playing this game. It’s 2021. Support Orteil by not refunding and other indie devs by buying indie games.

By JackWitherell

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