Control Ultimate Edition – How to Get Achievements (Foundation and Altered World Events DLC

It is guided to getting all the achievements in Control Ultimate Edition. Including 2 DLS: the Foundation DLC and Altered World Events DLC.

How to Get Achievements

The Foundation DLC Achievements

Subterranean Research

Collect all Collectibles in the Foundation

A Strong Foundation

Complete all Missions in the Foundation

  • Foundation (story quest);
  • The Nail (story quest);
  • Jesse Faden starring in “Swift Platform” (mission is activated in the department “Access to Transit” (on the map with access to secret places, the entrance to the department “Access to Transit” on marker #6));
  • The Pyramid (story quest);
  • Found Footage (in the Chasm area, turn on the generator. Near the switched-on generator, the passage is blocked by crystals. Shoot these crystals and jump into the pit. Side mission is activated automatically);
  • Pope’s Collection (mission will start after you find at least one ID card).

< Make/Unmake >

Use Shape and Fracture a combined total of 100 times

Rush Job

Kill 100 enemies with Shield Rush

Supportive Staff

Have a Deployed Ranger kill 5 enemies

Hostile Work Environment

Kill 50 Hiss Sharpened

Hidden Locations

Niche Position

Find all hidden locations in the Foundation

For finding hidden locations give skill points. If after finding all hidden locations you were not given achievements, then so it should be. The remaining 3 hidden locations you will find by completing the achievement “One of Us”. Hidden locations are described in the section “One of Us”, № 2, 7, and 8.


1- In a department with offices. There are two secret rooms in this location. One is shown in the screenshot below. The second room in this location is described in the achievement “One of us”.

2- From the checkpoint “crossroads” go down the ledges in the mountain. There will be a secret passage boarded up. Break these boards.


3- Behind the Elevator in the warehouse. Sixth floor. Break the wall.


4- The Left arrow points to hidden location №6. Right to the hidden location №5, go through this door and start the Elevator. Quickly jump off the Elevator, there is a hidden location in the Elevator shaft.

5- Jump up in the room from the previous screenshot. Go through the double doors and you will find yourself in a room with an Elevator. Call and get in the Elevator.

7- Control point “Astral Tower of PW”. The white glow on the screenshot is a control point. Jessie’s location is the secret place itself.


Pope’s Collection

A side quest that must be completed to collect all achievements (need for “One of us”). Completing this side quest will give you access to the underground complex at the Warehouse (required to achieve “One of us”). To activate the quest, you need to collect at least 1 of 5 ID-card. After collecting all 5 cards, you will have access to the 0th floor of the elevator in the Warehouse. All cards are located in the same location as the warehouse.

The first card in the yellow house. The outermost house.


The second card is on the table in the lonely house. To the left of the warehouse entrance.

The third card is on the iron structure on the other side of the warehouse entrance. You can get to the card by going around the warehouse to the left (on the left side of the Elevator exit).


The next card is in the elevator shaft. You can get there by jumping on the sliding crystals in the mountain.

The last ID-card is located at the emergency entrance to the warehouse.

After collecting all 5 ID-cards, you need to place them in the correct order. In the location where the last card was located.

One of Us

One of Us

Gather all the Maneki-nekos

To get an achievement, you need to find all 8 statuettes of Maneki-nekos. You can view the collected statuettes in the “Firebreak”, where you can also pick up the award (a marker with Jesse’s location on the map, the screenshot below). At the muzzle of a blue cat for collecting all 8 figurines, a secret room will open with an accessory for Jessie – cat ears. This accessory is compatible with all suits.

1. Light red cat. Location “Chasm”. Take a lantern with you at the entrance and go in the door (You left it in the side mission in this location). Jump over the Chasm with crystals, immediately after that you will go to a large cave. By the passage through which you came, there is a small cave filled with stones. In this cave you will find a statuette.

2. Black cat. First, collect all the cubes. 4 cubes at the top, 1 at the entrance to this location (on the side of the location with the “Chasm”). Arrange the cubes as shown in the screenshot below. To throw a cube with telekinesis, just change the mod of the gun, then Jesse will put the cube and not throw it with force. The secret room is located in one of the caves in the “Cave system” location, in the place Where you found the 4 cubes at the top.

3. The cat is white with pink spots. Move from the control point to the “Astral tower PW”. In front of you will be the platform as in the screenshot below. You need to get the cube from under the crystals on the floor and throw it into the cell. The cube and cell are located under the crystals.

4. White cat. After completing the “Pope’s Collection” ques, the warehouse will open access to the 0th floor of the elevator. Go down there and turn the valve. Then go up to the 1st floor and enter one of the yellow houses (the smallest). In this house, turn on the shower and then the statuette will appear.

5. The Golden cat. At the warehouse, go up to the 5th floor. You need to destroy 4 red cubes while taking the Elevator. The screenshot below shows the order in which the cubes appear. The numbering is relative to the Elevator control panel. You need to shoot down all 4 cubes at once. Cubes only appear between the 5th and 6th floor. Ride from the 5th to the 6th floor until you destroy all the cubes. To destroy the cubes, stand in the middle and hit the melee in time. If You did everything correctly, then on the 6th floor, right at the entrance to the Elevator will be a statuette of a cat.

6. The pink cat. There are ledges in the wall, jump on them to get to the statuette.

7. Cat green color and a hidden place. Location with offices, break the wall with the picture and there will be a hidden locations behind it. In this hidden locations, break another wall, the wall on the right.

8. Move to a point of control in the “Astral Collision” (screenshot left). And throw the cube in the bathroom stall. Fly to the booth to get to the hidden location. Go back to the restroom, in the department with offices. There will be a Golden cube, throw it into the cell and a cat statuette will appear. Going to the bathroom you will get the achievement “Astral Plumbing”.

Altered World Events DLC Achievements

  • Vending Spree

Destroy 80% of the Altered Vending Machine instances

  • Workplace Recreation

Play a single game in Arcade Mode

  • In-depth Investigations

Find 80% of the Collectibles in the Investigations Sector

  • Elevated Mind

Kill 25 Airborne Rangers

  • Work Smarter, Not Harder

Attach a Surge grenade to an object and Launch it at an enem]

  • Familiar Methodologies

Fight off Hartman

  • The Third Thing

Defeat Hartman

  • Multiple Applications

Use Multi-Launch to hit 3 targets

Hidden Locations

  • Chief Investigator

Find 80% of the hidden locations in the Investigations Sector

In all secret places, you need to break down the wall. Somewhere in the screenshot they are broken, and somewhere not.

Hidden location #5 – you need to break another wall in the room and get to the clock, then the secret place found.

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