Commandos 2 – HD Remaster: How to Cheat (Trainer)

It is guide to how to cheat or how to use cheats in Commandos 2 – HD Remaster.

How to Use Cheat?

  • Num 1 – Infinite Health
  • Num 2 – Infinite Stamina
  • Num 3 – Infinite Oxygen
  • Num 4 – Infinite Ammo
  • Num 5 – Infinite Grenades
  • Num 6 – Infinite Molotov Cocktails
  • Num 7 – Infinite First Aid Kits
  • Num 8 – Infinite Clothes Durability
  • Num 9 – Stealth Mode
  • Num 0 – One Hit Kill
  • Ctrl+Num 1 – Unlock All Missions


“Infinite Health” cannot prevent death from the explosion, but you can use “Infinite First Aid Kits” to revive soldiers.

“Infinite Ammo” takes effect when ammo decrease.

“Infinite Grenades”, “Infinite Molotov Cocktails”, “Infinite First Aid Kits” take effects when you use the specific items.

“Unlock All Missions” temporary unlocks all missions, if you start a mission, that mission will be permanently unlocked.


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