Command & Conquer Remastered Collection – Mission 6: GDI Hard Guide (Beatable SAM)

A guide on mission 6: GDI hard (beatable SAM) in Command & Conquer Remastered Collection.

Mission 6: GDI Hard Guide

The mission is ridiculously brutal. It was in the original too.

A lot of the issue is the RNG. When you blow up a SAM site, there are 3 possible outcomes.

1. It just blows up. (Best outcome, no damage)
2. It blows up and 1 Minigunner spawns (you may take damage if he runs close to the Commando, or you may be able to kill him before he shoots).
or 3. It blows up and spawns 2 Minigunners (Damage is unavoidable here, as if you snipe one, the other will take a shot regardless).

Because of this, a lot of this mission relies on getting lucky SAM Site explosions and Minigunners not spawning. All you need to do to beat this mission is get into the Nod base and blow up a building. It doesn’t matter which one.

The hard part, is if you kill too many enemies, an alarm will go off and all the enemies on the map will come directly for your Commando (you can tell this has happened because the Nod Base will send like 3 Flamers and a Nod Buggy after you.) You can escape by loading into the Transport chopper and heading back to the starting Island; but it’s gonna be rough getting back over.

If you hit anything except the Airstrip, you’ll go to Mission 7.
If you hit the Airstrip, you’ll go directly to Mission 8.

A good way to handle the mission is to save before each SAM. The main reason you tend to take damage is from a soldier spawning after the SAM is destroyed. So a trick is to keep loading until Havoc destroys the SAM without any soldier spawning. I don’t take damage during those instances.

There’ll be troops spawning in the busted SAM site. You need to be quick to shoo them. It’s a doddle. Just be sure to QUICK SAVE (saying save scum is for losers). It really helps.

by Shadowlord90

Beatable SAM

Use slowest speed and kill the enemy infantry before they can react. There are some missions like this which are just “impossible” without changing the speed. Or just save scum and RNG it.

The moment the SAMs flash, it means the C4 has been planted. In the 2.5 seconds of that happening, instruct the commando away from the explosion. More often than not if you time it just right you can avoid getting shot at, or in the case of 2 infantry only shot at by 1 of the enemy.

It takes a bit of practice and patience. Take your time, watch the unit patterns, do what I’ve said above, you’ll complete it easily. It can be done in less than 10 minutes. But will probably take you 30-40.


Honestly, I used to play this game on N64 for fun and kicks.

For some reason, Mission 6 was one of my favorites to run through, just because the gameplay was different from the others. As such, there is a general strategy I used in the original that worked quite well:

  • – On the first island, clear out any infantry, then bomb the first two SAM sites. If you take any damage here, you might as well restart.
  • – Once the T-Chopper arrives, load and fly to the other side, landing as far south as possible. Take your Commando around the hillside killing NOD Infantry as you go.
  • – Destroy the SAM Sites on this hill, and pull the chopper over. Load the Commando and land in the ravine to the North.
  • – Carefully move your way around, killing Infantry and bomb the last SAM Site, pull your T-Chopper to the top of the map.
  • – Now here is the hard part. The Entrance to the base is guarded by a Lone Minigunner, if you shoot him, 90% of the time the alarm will go off, and shortly after, 3 Flamers will come running out. Either run in and only shoot him when you are super close, or shoot him, and hang back; letting them come to you, killing them all.
  • – After killing the 3 Flamers; every enemy on the map will be alerted to your presence. Either run into the base and bomb something quickly, or get into the T-Chopper and carefully make your way to the starting isle. Once there, deploy the Commando and all the enemies will pile up on the nearby beach.
  • – Once this is done, load the Commando, carefully fly back to the side entrance, deploy the Commando, and run like hell.

This method is generally the best option, just move carefully, and whatever you do, don’t shoot the Nod Buggy.


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