Command & Conquer Remastered Collection – How to Beat Stealth Generator, Building Repairs (Free), Defence

This is guide to how to beat stealth generator Command & Conquer Remastered Collection, building repairs (free), missile defence.

Building Repairs (Free)

If you have a heavily damaged Power Plant and there is no Power Turbine on it,

  • Install one
  • Place it on the Power Plant
  • Thanks to Power Plant, you will get full health (no need repairing)!

If you place a Vulcan Cannon, this can help you for getting free repair (in a Component).

If you place Ion Ball Uplink and Seeker Control (Upgrade Center), this also help you.

How to Beat the Stealth Generator?

This works for GDI only. You must have access to an Orca Carryall and a Mobile Sensor Array. Take the Carryall, force it to load on the MSA and fly it into suspected Nod Base Territory which is cloaked. The MSA will uncover all the buildings on the minimap, and if it is attacked, the surrounding buildings near the attacker will also be revealed! Cool, huh?

This part works for Nod. Take the MSA and drive it straight into the enemy base which is cloaked. It has the same effect.

Contributed By: shadowfalconm16

Missile Defence

When playing as GDi build a firestorm generator and place a section of firestorm wall anywhere away from your base, NOD will never attack your base with missles as long as this section remains. Best of all there is no need to activate the firestorm, just having a section laid out is all it takes.

Contributed By: BlackRat27

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