Command & Conquer Remastered Collection – How to Add Units

This straightforward guide of Command & Conquer Remastered Collection shows you how to add a unit to your barracks or airfield.

How to Add Units?

Hey Guys,

So there’s a Nuke Tank guide out there that explains the functions of the Nuke Tank mod. You’ll probably want to check that out before looking at this guide. This will show you what they skipped over

I’m also making this for myself since there’s really no guides out right now and playing a modded C&C is always a good time

So basically Get Visual Studio and open up CNC Remastered source code with it.

You’ll want to change to the Build settings to use the win 10 sdk. And you’ll need to download AML and MFC individual components.

You’ll also have to do those settings in the preprocessor in C++ settings so it won’t complain about the wrong header settings

Once you’ve done all that go ahead and define the nuke tank mod in your source code by enabling the example mod (Basically allowing it to define)

Once you build the file and create the mod. You’ll then need some XML files to get it to work properly. Which of course EA didn’t really talk about

You just did the first half and created the classes with logic, now you need to edit some xml to include your unit’s info so you’ll be able to click on it, see details and deploy it from your build window


What you need to do is Subscribe to the Nuke Tank mod and then go to the directory that has your mods from the workshop. Mine was located at:

  • D:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\workshop\content\1213210

Once you’re there grab the other files that are with the mod and drag them into your directory.

You’ll need to edit the csv to include the name of the unit you want to deploy.

Then go to this directory and open the csv file and copy paste the nuketank template and edit it so it matches up with what you added in the first csv.

Once you’ve done that you’ll have a unit that you can actually click on and deploy.

by Datboi

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  1. So, I’ll be able to use this method to quickly and easily add the RA1 supply truck to the units menu on the Tiberium Dawn side of the map editor, correct?

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