Cloud Meadow – Investigate Mine (How to Break the Wall on Level 3)

This short guide for “investigate mine” quest will help you on how to break the wall on level 3 in Cloud Meadow.

How to Break the Wall on Level 3?

Look for triangular spars of rock pointing towards the center of the water fall, jump to the island in the middle of the water fall, and then walk into the waterfall. There’ll be trivia questions about the setting, which will get you the key.

On Level 3, walk along the big black sticky masses, the wall can’t be opened without explosives you get from a rescued scout.

Where is This Scout?

Just keep exploring, walking along the big black bridges and drips of ooze, and you’ll find your way through to them.

How to Pass the Second Act?

Look for a guy in Union blue with a broad rim hat hanging from the side of a rocky spar in an acid pool. Should be right after a fight.


The beacon isn’t what uses it. Find your way back to the starting point of the dungeon and then bust through that wall that was north east of the floor entrance.


An unfortunate bug that the team’s actively taking a look at!

You should be able to use the dynamite in the rubble towards the north east of the floor entrance. If that doesn’t work, a bug report with an attached log would be monumental in helping squash this bug.

After joining the discord, you’ll want to find the #steam-build-bug-reports channel, and check out the pinned messages for instructions on pulling those error logs. (It’s easier than it sounds, I promise!)

An invite link can be found on the game’s title screen, or you can snag this one:

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  1. Hi guys. Im currently playing on ver 0.1.0 doing mine quest and im kinda stuck at f2 wondering how to pass that big stone. I clicked at those yellow signs, stone but apparently nothing works. Bug or did i do something wrong?

  2. Thank you very much, I couldn’t find the way to proceed from f2 to f3, I had jumped into the middle island but I hadn’t noticed that you could enter the waterfall. Thanks <3

  3. Seems my game is completely bugged, cause i cannot use the blasting charge on the wall, the prompt shows up that i Can use it, but when i click it, nothing happens… :/

  4. I don’t know how I had managed to get it to progress but I had similar happen to me when getting to the 3rd floor and the Blasting Charge not working. Somehow I reset the dungeon and managed to get another of the Dull Stones, when I got back to the third floor the stone was used and not the Dynamite and that’s how I was able to progress further into the story. I have no idea how I’d managed to get the dungeon to reset outside of reloading the game and closing it a few times.

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