Chat Commands-Stay Out

This quick guide informs you about Stay Out’s Chats. Let’s examine system commands, text messages and others.

System Commands

  • /help – current help for console commands
  • /iwannadie – lose consciousness and call for help (possible loss of things)
  • /log – show the current time, client version and character location (server, location, coordinates)
  • /ping – show ping
  • /resetGUIpos – resets saved window positions
  • /smsReset – reset confirmation code
  • /trade – on / off incoming exchange offers
  • /time – current time
  • /isPremium – show premium performance (True – on; None – off)

Text Messages

  • @ [name] [text] – send a private message to the stalker [name]
  • /ignore [name] – add the stalker [name] to the black list. View the list of ignored stalkers: press F11.
  • /add_friend [name] – add stalker [name] to your friends list. View friends list: press F11.
  • /unignore [name] – remove the stalker [name] from the black list
  • /chatabuse [on, off] – enable or disable message censorship

Other Teams

  • /ichangedmymind – reset character skills for redistribution (available once every 24 hours of real time)
  • /firstperson – on / off first-person view
  • /reputation – reputation among factions

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