Cartel Tycoon – How to Reach the Destinations in Time)

A guide on how to reach the destinations (in time) in Cartel Tycoon.

How to Reach the Destinations in Time

It is better to swap some, if not most production to cash and focus on building money laundering facilities.

Also check if you have built too many production buildings as you are more likely to be limited by your delivery capacity rather than your production capacity. The game at its current stage requires not too many buildings to reach a maximum income flow of each end product because of how little the cap of export is. For instance, a seaport only exports 72 ‘opium in vegetable’ every 4 days. This is 3x workshops worth of work. You can easily reach this cap by having 5.25x opium plantation I with 2x not fully efficient veg farm I.

Orange is dirty money and blue is cash(legal money).

As I have mentioned delivery capacity, I need 2x warehouses for each of the level 1 veg farms to deliver them efficiently to the 3 workshops in close distance! Build warehouses if your products are clogged in their buildings, swap all building maintenance to cash, and do not build too many buildings for each production chain in an area. Also, research plantation asap as it saves you a lot of money laundering capacity.

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